Fill in Fonts when Drawing Fonts

I know you have tried drawing fonts in design space and been frustrated because it takes your nice font and draws an outline.  I have been scouring the free font sites to find fonts that fill in and look nice.

Examples of drawing fonts
Drawing Fonts

We have all done it.  Designed a beautiful project and changed the font to draw and are left with an outline like  the first font in my example above.  That is the cricut default font Cricut Sans.

I have been so frustrated that I almost created my own fonts, but who has time for that?  I have found many fonts that fill in and share with you the best three I have found.  Fonts that fill in all have one thing in common.  They draw lines or graphics in the center of the font to fill it in.

I am a fontaholic with over 1000 fonts on my computer.  I am sharing the best three fonts that don’t take forever to draw and look the nicest.  The fonts above are drawn in 60 size so when you use them as smaller they fill in nicely.

Block Fonts

There are quite a few block fonts that fill in.  They are fairly easy to find.  But the two best are Danken Stripes and Quiltex shown in examples two and three above.  Danken Stripes leaves raw edges, but especially for Halloween projects, that works.  It is available free at  

The third example is called Quiltix and draws a border around the letter making it more finished looking. I like it because the lower case letters look lower case although you may have to adjust the size and position of them.  It is available free (I’m not sure how long)at and at among other places.

Cursive Font

I have found only one cursive font I like that fills in well.  It is called Hard Candy Striped and is available at  Be sure to use the striped version of the font.  You can join the letters like handwriting making it look natural. NOTE: Do Not weld this font after you line up the letters.  It ruins the fill in affect.

I will keep looking for others and please let me know if you find some.

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