Happy Birthday Five Fold Card

I love this Happy Birthday Five Fold Card.  When I first saw the file for the five fold card I wasn’t impressed, then I made one and WOW! It is fabulous.

The difficult part of this 5 fold card is the actual folding.  Once you get it folded it is amazing.

What you need:
      • Very heavy cardstock
      • Scraps of cardstock
      • tape glue or liquid glue
      • Download file
      • washi tape
      • Pen
Paper Selection

The base card of this Happy Birthday Five Fold Card takes a beating opening and closing so use the heaviest paper you can so it holds up.  Patterns will work but you don’t see much of this paper so save the patterns for the inlays.

The rest of the card can be any weight paper and can be patterns.  Just make sure 

Cutting the Card 

The base looks best in a solid color.  Cover pieces look very good with a pattern.  The background pieces and the frosting, white and blue on mine, need to be solid.  For the rest, use your imagination.  You can combine the little cupcake parts that aren’t cut with the main parts on one mat.




Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video
Assembling the Happy Birthday Five Fold Card

First, re-score the folds with a Popsicle stick. It gets  a little tricky because some folds go all the way through and some don’t.

Start by tucking the inside triangles in individually.  Then fold the edges. Lastly, fold and work the card a few times to male it easier to operate.

To embellish the card start by gluing all the background triangles and panels onto the card.  Those are the paisley patterned on mine.  Then glue the cupcake to its base with liquid glue.  You can use tape glue for the rest of the card if you want. 

Finally, glue the cupcake panel on the left side only to the left side of the card.  The other half of the cupcake panel leave free.  You can see this in the pictures above.

I thought the center was a little plain so I added some washi tape.  

Once the card is assembled, fold it closed and notice how the cupcake panel laps over the other half.  This card does’t want to stay closed so you can tie a ribbon around it or use one of the decorative bands in one of my other tutorials (It will be up soon)

Your Happy Birthday Five Fold card is done.  Enjoy!

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