Flower Layered Mandala: Special Notes

Layered Mandalas are all the rage!  I have made several and you can see all of them here.  This Flower Layered Mandala is beautiful.  But I ran into a unique problem while making it.  It is very symmetrical, but the process of making it caused some issues lining it up properly.

The project is 5 layers, filling in each layer a little more with each level.  But in making it, it isn’t symmetrical anymore.  This makes it hard to line up properly.  I found a quick workaround and wanted to share it with you.  And my workaround makes it easier to hand too.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Flower Layered Mandala

This project can be made with any paper.  I made it in shades of blue.  I used foil paper and could have used vellum or glitter paper even.  The sky is really the limit.

Cutting the Flower Layered Mandala

Start with the darkest layer and cut the designs upward in hue and layer.  This is a must!

Be careful removing the flowers from the mat because the lines can be thin, the top layer especially.


Assembling the Flower Layered Mandala

The problem I ran into was that being so symmetrical, I had a problem lining it up properly.  The petals are slightly different sizes and they got all turned around.  You are cutting, attaching foam tape or glue, and the layers get rotated.  I put a small circle at the top on each layer and then was able to line them up properly!  Now, you can put the little circle back in the top layer if you don’t want it to show, but Cordelia saw the flower before I did that and wanted to hang it from her ceiling.  The little hole made this easy.  So added bonus!

As you cut the layers, build up from the bottom.  Make sure you line up the little circles on each layer.  Glue each layer to the one below it before you cut the next layer.  This way you don’t lose the little pieces.  

You can glue the layers together with foam tape or liquid glue.  Foam tape adds more dimension to the project but you end up using a lot of it.  


Hole or No Hole

Once the layers are all together, you can put the little circle back in the top layer by taping it to the back if you want. Or you can use a 12 X 12 piece of cardstock that goes with your color scheme for a base.  Frame the piece with a 12 X 12 frame. If you used foam tape you should put foam tape between the mat and the glass along the edges to make the frame stick up far enough to give the project room.  

If you leave out the little circle you can put string or ribbon through the hole and hand the flower layered mandala that way.  Cordelia loves that and wants me to make more for her ceiling.  The one thing I did different was to make the layers twice, except the base, and made it two sided.  I glued the extra layers on,  building up from the back.  Once I make enough of them, I will post a picture. 


And your layered flower mandala is done and easier to hang!  I think at Christmas I may may it smaller and turn it into a gift tag or an ornament.  We shall see.

Fun Facts About Mandalas
  • The mandala has been frequently used throughout history in a spiritual sense. However, while mandalas were first referenced by Hindu scholars during the Vedic times.
  • The modern day mandala design that we see most often was actually first inspired by Buddhist scholars.
  • Mandalas represent an ideal form of the universe
  • In Sanskrit, the language of Ancient South Asia, mandala very loosely means “circle” or disc like object.
  • The Mayans used a Tzolk’in wheel as a calendar instrument and as a symbol for religious purposes. The wheel has remarkable similarities to many mandala designs, especially the ones that evolved in Hindu cultures.
  • Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, incorporated mandalas in his scientific research.

Taken from Mandalas: 5 Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About These Historical Wonders 

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