All the Flower Week Tutorials

In 2020 I decided to make more flowers for Flower Week .  Below are all the Flower Week tutorials for 2019 and 2020.


2020 Flower Week




These flowers won’t draw ants like the real thing.  You can make single or double peonies.




Much easier to make than all the other tutorials out there

Crepe paper carnation flowers in several colors


The Carnation

The most common of florist shop flowers

Make a Paper Calla Lily Flower bouquet
Bouquet of Calla Lilies



The Calla Lily

One of my favorite flowers

3D Cactus with Paper Cactus Flowers
3D Cactus 2



Cactus Flower

There are two different Cacti to put these flowers on in the download file

All the paper pine cones made from cardstock



Pine Cones

Not really flowers but they can be added to flower arrangements.

the paper water lily or lotus flower


Water Lily or Lotus Flower

This is a water flower complete with lily-pad

bouquet of paper daffodil

Daffodils 2020

These flowers are slightly different than last year’s version



Poinsettias 2020

Again, these are slightly different than last year’s version

Revised Tutorials

6 Rolled Flowers with leaves

Rolled Flowers 2020


These files are updated from last year

A green succulent plant made from paper

Succulents 2020

Again these files are updated from last year

2019 Flower Week

Flower wreath made from all the flowers made this week.

This wreath is made from the flowers made for Flower Week 2019.

So here are the list of paper flower tutorials for 2019  (the tutorials have links to the downloads):

3D Paper Flowers with Leaves
3D Flower with Leaves

3D Flowers and Leaves

These are the basic flowers and the leaves will be used all week.

Red Paper Christmas Poinsettia paper flower
Classic Red Paper Poinsettia

The Poinsettia

The traditional flower of Christmas

A different angle on Two snow drop Flowers
Two Snow Drop Flowers

Snowdrop Flowers

Wonderful 3D flowers.

the Daffodil paper flower
the Daffodil paper flower

The Daffodil

Make a whole bouquet of these flowers.

Pinwheel Flower with Leaves
Pinwheel Flower with Leaves

The Pinwheel Flower

This isn’t any particular flower, just a wonderful 3D technique.

Pink Gerber Daisy paper flower in pink
Pink Gerber Daisy

The Gerber Daisy

Whether you pronounce it gerber or jerber it is a beautiful flower.

Lily made from patterned paper
Patterned Paper Lily

The Lily

The most elegant of flowers.

The Sunflower made from paper
The Sunflower


Make this flower bigger if you want.

A blue Paper Tulip
The paper Tulip


The traditional flower of Holland and Pella, Iowa.

Blue 3D Paper Tulip

Another Tulip

Another way to make this great flower.

Patterned paper buttercup flower

The Buttercup

Make this flower any color you choose.

A pink loopy flower called a Mum

The Mum

I found this flower in Access and it took a while to figure it out.  I am so thrilled witht he outcome.

All of the flowers I made from Creative Fabrica

Layered Flowers

Not my design but I couldn’t do flower week without showing them and telling you where to get them.

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