Flower Week – The Succulent

The final day of Flower we is bittersweet for me.  I am going to miss it.  I will do more periodically so stay tuned.  Fridays second “Flower” is the Succulent.  I know it isn’t really a flower but it has all the atributes of a flower.  And I love my Hens and Chicks.

Everyone seems to be making succulents so I decides to give it a try.  These plants have many, many different parts in the download file. They are all the same shape just different sizes.

What you will need:
          • cardstock scraps
          • liquid glue or glue gun
          • Download File
Cutting the Flower

The flowers can be cut from any color or patterned cardstock but I think green is appropriate. I cut them all from two different colorsto give it a little color variance, but you can cut the layers from different colors if you want.  Your imagination is your only limit.

This flower could work in felt or fabric. I think it would be great and I will try it in the future.  I spent so much time on the morning glory I just didn’t have time.  If you want to cut the flower out of felt or fabric and you have a maker use the rotary wheel. 

If you don’t have a maker, it is a little harder.  I tried using fusible material and haven’t made it work yet but I’m still trying. What I did do to get the felt cut was first use the deep cut blade and then attach the felt to contact paper. I used Duck Brand contact paper.  Place the felt on your mat with the contact paper down and cut on the felt fused setting.  Tape the whole piece down to the mat with painters tape.  The cricut cuts the design twice.  It cuts it well if it isn’t to intricate of a cut.


The circle is included as a base.  First, curl all the leaves inward except two of the smallest.  Roll the two smallest into tubes but don’t glue them.  Just set them aside to relax a bit.

Next, starting with the largest 5 leaves glue them to the base circle in a star pattern.  Then glue the rest of the leaves in groups of 4 in a staggering pattern moving up.  After all the leaves but the last two rolled ones are attached, add the two rolls in the center next to each other to form the center of the plant. And your succulent is done!

The wreath I made this week from the flowers looks like this

Flower wreath made from all the flowers made this week.

I have made a page with all the links to the paper flower tutorials.  The tutorials for the other paper and felt flowers can be found here.

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