Resource Library Downloadable Documents

Welcome to the Resource Library where you will find all my free downloadable documents.  As members you can download any or all of these documents for free!  I know there aren’t very many yet but I have several others in the works and will announce them in the Facebook Group when available

Right now here is the list of downloadable documents available and the link to download it:

Cover of coloring your Designs
Coloring your Designs

A guide to learning color theory and how to use a color wheel so you can tell what colors look good together

Adjust the cut pressure of your Cricut
Pressure Settings

This document lists all the pressure settings of common Cricut materials

How to Upload SVGs and Fonts to 
Design Space

This is a checklist to follow to get the SVG files and Fonts into Design Space.

Making your own envelopes
Never be Without the Right Sized Envelope Again

This handout will help you to decide what size envelope you need and if you want to make the envelope yourself will even tell you how much paper and what size the paper needs to be!