Get Well Soon Heart Fold Card

A couple of months ago I went looking for a Get Well Card I could make.  I found plenty of simple cards but nothing that had that “Crazy Cricut Lady” flair.  I created this Heart Fold Get Well Card to fill that void.  It is three dimensional and fun to play with (the signature of a Crazy Cricut Lady card).  Tell someone special that you are thinking of them in their hour of need with this unique but simple card.

What you need:

      • Very heavy 2 sided cardstock for the base (pattern)
      • Scraps of cardstock
      • liquid glue
      • tape glue (optional)
      • Download file
      • Pen
Cutting the Card

The base card MUST be a two sided paper.  I chose a black and white patterned paper but solid colors will work too. The little parts can be cut from scraps but the medicine bottle looks best orange like prescription bottles and the nurse’s cap must have some white.

Change the colors to match your personality.  Your imagination is your only limit.

Print and cut everything out.  I used a black pen to go with the color theme.  You can put all the little parts on one mat by combining mats. 

Watch my video on cutting different colors on the same mat.

Play Video

Before you start assembling re crease all the folds on the base card. 

Assembling the card

First fold the card.  Then put the front heart on with glue.  Tape glue works fine here.

Assemble all the flowers and other inside parts with liquid glue and wait for them to dry.  Then glue them to the inside of the card.  The hearts and the lettering go in the big sections.  The lettering section has to be aligned properly to fit.

I made a custom envelope for the card and included it in the Design Space file.  Un-hide it if you want to use it.  When assembled the card needs to go into the envelope at an angle. 



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