Get Well Z Fold Card to Make

This Get Well Z Fold Card is another variation on the normal z fold card with a extra wide top layer.  I have been experimenting with this type of card and have several other variations that I will post soon.  The diagonal Easter Bunny Card is here.

Get Well Z Fold Card upright
Get Well Z Fold Card

This card may look complicated, but it isn’t.    This card folds for mailing and becomes a 6 inch square.  I haven’t been able to find an envelope that size at craft stores so, unless you can, you will need to make one.  Lucky for you, I have a tutorial to show you how to make your own custom envelope!  See it here.

You will need:
Paper Selection

I used a purple subtle patterned paper for this Get Well Z fold card.  The paper for the base is two sided but it doesn’t have to be.  It just has to be fairly heavy (110 lb. wt.) so that it can stand up.  The other papers can be any weight and don’t have to be two sided either.  The purple and yellow colors work nicely together, but if you want something different, go for it.  If you want to know more about color selection, in the Reference library I have a paper called “Coloring Your Designs” that can help with color theory.  Try it here

Cutting the Get Well Z Fold Card

The flourishes are VERY thin and difficult to cut and remove from the mat.  Be very careful.  As a tip, when cutting very intricate items always use a mat with a good amount of sticky left.  This will help keep the paper in place while you cut the rest of the image.  Also, it helps to cut twice.  Press the C on your machine when cutting is finished and it will cut again.  This takes time but a clean cut is well worth it.

Assembling the Easter Bunny Z fold card
First, start by re-creasing the folds.  The folds on the front piece (from left to right) are mountain then valley starting with the big section.  The folds on the base card are the same but the left side is the little section.  That is what makes it stand up and stick out.  Assemble the base card by placing the overlays between the folds.  Center them as near as you can on the card. 

Next assemble the Get Well Soon and the sick doggy in bed.  And then, assemble the front piece by putting the overlays and then put the images on top.  Place glue on both the left and right edges of the back section and attach the top of the card in the middle of the base card.  Center it on the base card as best as you can.  Only glue the edge of the  section where it touches the base card  (not the top).  Be sure to let all the glue dry.

Lastly glue the fancy flourishes above and below the front sections so that you can see them.  This is where the glue tip of the Art Glitter Glue shines.  The fine tip allows you to apply a very thin line of glue.  Art Glitter glue is the only glue I have found with this thin of a tip and it works beautifully.

And to finish, fold the card closed and make sure it closes properly.  If you have any questions about the placement, see the pictures above.

And your Get Well Z Fold Card is done.  Again the finished folded size is 6 inches square.

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