Give this Elegant Wedding Bridge Card

Today I have this elegant Wedding Bridge Card with the dress train forming the bridge.

This card needs to be folded special to fit in an envelope, but I will show you that in a minute.  It does fit in an A9 envelope or you can make your own with this tutorial.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The foil for the base of this wedding bridge card adds so much to the card.  And the white glitter paper for the gown is just beautiful.  The rest of the card is done in grey and black.  I love the elegance of this card!  Nothing needs to be two sided.

Cutting the Wedding Bridge Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  Just make sure that the pen shows up on the paper you use for the overlays.  I used a black marker and the font Elizabeth for the writing in the Design Space File which is an Access font.  The SVG file uses a similar font.

I love these bells and use them often in my wedding projects.  There are lots of little pieces, so be sure to keep track of them while cutting the whole card out.

Assembling the Wedding Bridge Card

This one is real easy to make.  Start by re-creasing the fold line.   Next you need to assemble all the bell embellishments.  Then attach the overlays to the silver base card.  The bride and groom fit together exactly with a small piece of her sleeve glued to the groom.  Attach the dress to the far right panel only.  Glue the rest of the embellishments to the card as in the pictures above.

And your Wedding Bridge Card is done!  See wasn’t that easy?  It fits into an A9 envelope for mailing like the pictures below.  Whether you make your own envelope or not, it is folded the same way.

Fun Facts About Weddings
  • Before the 1500s, couples in Europe were free to marry themselves.
  • Queen Victoria started the white wedding dress trend.
  • Traditionally, the bride stands to the groom’s left during a Christian ceremony, because once upon a time, the groom needed his right hand free to fight off other suitors.
  • Queen Elizabeth II had 12 wedding cakes. The cake she cut at her ceremony was nine feet tall and weighed 500 pounds. 
  • The tradition of a wedding cake comes from ancient Rome, where a loaf of bread was broken over a bride’s head to ensure fertility. 

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