Gnome Bunny Lottery Tickets

I told you the gnome bunnies would be back!  If you missed the gnome bunny cards they are here.  These lottery tickets are perfect for students, scout troops, or grand kids.

It is easy to change the prizes to whatever you want.  And the gold scratches off with a coin.  I changed the gnome bunnies to make them sparkle this time with glitter paper for the hat and shoes and even the ears and nose! The perforations make them tear to individual tickets but I made the file for those of you without the perforation blade too.

What you will need

        • Cardstock 
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • Pen
        • glue
        • gold paint 
        • cellophane tape
        • dish soap
        • paint brush
        • Download Files
Paper Selection

This time I made the gnomes with glitter paper for various parts.  The only rules for the gnome bunnies is that the beards need to be grey or white.

The lottery tickets work best with heavier paper.  I used two sided paper but you don’t have to.



The cricut will do all the writing.  If you want to change the prizes, select whichever prize you want to change (the prizes are the lowest  5 text parts on the layers menu) and delete it.  Then write your own, put it in place and attach it. The font I used is called Angry & Hungry and can be found for free at

If you don’t have the perforation blade, use the Design Space download file for the non perf file.  Or if you are using the SVG follow the instructions in the word file.

I combined all the little pieces on one mat.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video
The lottery tickets are fairly easy to assemble.  First sort the little pieces of the gnome bunnies and then glue them together.  Then attach the gnome bunnies to the tickets with the hat placed in the gap of the first line of words.
Once the glue is dry, put cellophane tape over the prizes.  Try to size it just right.  There is a score line box around the prizes to help you.  The tape is to prevent the ink from running but also to keep the paper from warping when you put on the scratch off material.


Mix the scratch off material by adding dish soap (any brand) with gold paint in a ratio of two parts paint one part soap.  Less soap is better than more.

Paint over the prizes with 4 or 5 coats of the mixture, letting the paint dry completely between applications.  I let mine dry for an hour or so between applications.  Try not to get ridges or thick spots in the paint.

Once it is dry the paint scrapes off with a coin fairly easily.

And your Easter Gnome Bunny Lottery Tickets are done!


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