Gnome Valentine Shutter Card with A Heart Inside

As you open this Valentine Shutter Card, a beautiful ornate heart is revealed behind the shutter.  Anyone will be thrilled to receive this card!  They will play with it for hours.  And the front has two of the Valentine gnomes as embellishments.

Open Valentine Shutter Card
Open Card

This card fits in an A7 envelope or make your own envelope following my easy video tutorial here

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • Various Cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Liquid Glue (they are not shipping Art Glitter Glue right now because of the cold)
        • Download File
Paper Selection for the Valentine Shutter Card
This card is made with traditional Valentines colors and silver foil for the overlays and the heart.  The base card and the shutter parts need to be fairly heavy (110 lb. wt. at least) because of the movement but patterns would work for either.  The base card needs to be two sided, but it is the only piece that does.  You can use whatever colors you want.
Cutting the Valentine Shutter Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a gold gel pen.  Check that the pen shows up on the foiled paper or whatever you use for the overlays.  

If you are using the SVG file, make sure you follow the instructions in the instruction docx in the zip file so that your card cuts properly and is the right size.

There are many layers on the embellishments of this card.  Some of them have really thin parts (especially the gnomes).  Be careful when removing them from the mats.  Sort them into embellishment parts and keep the parts to each embellishment together until you are ready to glue them together.

Assembling the Valentine Shutter Card

The first thing to do is re-crease all the folds on the base card and the shutter pieces.  The small horizontal score lines on the base card are only there as a guide to where to place the shutter pieces, so don’t crease those.  

Assembling the Shutter Parts
As I mentioned earlier, the small horizontal score lines are a guide to where to place the shutter pieces.  I drew them in so you could see them easier.  See picture 1 below.  I cut the base card and other parts from yellow black so you could see the assembly easier.

Then glue the shutter parts, points out with the tops on the small score lines and the inside edges on the long vertical base card score lines (picture 2).  Next fold the shutter parts inward. (picture 3)  Place the heart (I made it solid here) in the center of the inward folded shutter parts. (picture 4)

Assembling the Rest of the Valentine Shutter Card
First glue the two pieces with the holes in them together, centered, with the writing panel on top.  With the shutters folded in, next glue the two pieces with holes over the shutters.  Only place glue on the very top and bottom of the back piece so that the shutters will still move in and out. Make sure one shutter piece is on top of the other shutter piece.  The centered overlays hold the shutters down while they move.  The circle should allow the heart to show through as the shutters open and close when the pieces are centered on the middle part of the base card,
Lastly, assemble the gnomes and the arrows on the other overlays.  If you need help with the gnomes, see the tutorial here.  The arrows go on the thinner overlays.  Place the overlays with the arrows to the left and right of the shutter pieces.  Make sure they are not covering the shutter pieces or the shutters will not work.
The gnome overlays finally go on the front cover.  Close the card carefully and glue them on the front.  Lastly, work the card a few times to make sure the shutter pieces slide easily.

And your Gnome Valentine Shutter Card is done!  Enjoy!  Remember the card fits into an A7 envelope.

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