Great Halloween Gatefold Card and Card Band

I made a card band to go with this cute Halloween Gatefold Card.  It also has ghost panels partially hidden behind the pumpkin face panels.  Inside is a spider web, a tombstone and Frankenstein’s bride.  There are lots more Halloween projects here if you want.

What kid wouldn’t love this card?  It is made in traditional Halloween colors with a card band to hold it closed.  And they all fit in an A7 envelope or make your own envelope following my easy video tutorial here

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • Various Cardstock scraps
        • Pen
        • Glue (get it soon while they still are shipping it)
        • Download File
Paper Selection
The base card for this Halloween Gatefold Card has two layers.  This takes a bit more paper but, I think, it makes the card look much sleeker and it lets you make it bigger.  They should be the same color.
The whole card is made with traditional Halloween colors and can be any paper but the base should be 65 lb. weight or heavier.  Foil or glitter paper would look great as would patterns on the bigger pieces.
Cutting the Halloween Gatefold Card and Card Band

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a white pen.  I really like the way that looks. If you want to buy one, get it here.   Quality really counts on a white gel pen.  Cheap ones don’t work as well but good ones look fantastic.

There are many layers on the embellishments of this card.  Some of them have really thin parts.  Be careful when removing them from the mats.  Sort them into embellishment parts and keep the parts to each embellishment together until you are ready to glue them together.

Assembling the Halloween Gatefold Card and Card Band

The first thing to do is re-crease all the folds on the base cards.  Then glue the centers of the two base cards together on top of each other, with the thin rectangles and the points facing opposite directions.  Be sure to keep between the score lines.  This should form a base that is about 10 X 7.

Next you will want to assemble the overlay pieces.  The bride of Frankenstein and the tombstone have multiple layers.  Make sure you line them up properly before the glue sets.  I like Art Glitter Glue because it gives you a few seconds until it sets to line things up and slide them if you need to.  They do not ship in the winter so make sure you order soon!

Once you have the overlays assembled, you can glue them to the card.  Look at the pictures to see where everything goes.  Fold it closed to get ready for the card band.

Next work on the card band.  The medallion has several layers too.  The long black thin rectangle fits around the card.  There are no score lines for the folds.  Lay the black band down and put the card over it.  Then wrap the band around the card loosely.  You want it to be able to slide off.  Glue the front together and then glue the medallion over the seam.  Don’t use too much glue or it will glue the band to the card.

And your Halloween Gatefold Card and Card Band are done.  They fit into a standard A7 envelope or you can make your own by following the Envelope Making Video Tutorial here.

halloween gatefold card open
Open Card

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