Great Thanksgiving Shaker Snow Globe Card

This snow glob card is amazing!  It has a Thanksgiving theme.  Open it and see the wonderful message. Shaker cards can be easy and cheap to make.  I will tell you how to make one for pennies instead of the $30 for a kit!.  You may want to read the shaker card general instructions here.

This is a cut out card and its unique shape is wonderful.  It still fits in an A7 envelope though for mailing.  I have a Christmas shaker snow globe card in the same style but my Xyron ran out so I will post it next week.

You will need:
Cutting the Foam and Other Parts

In the download files, the blue parts are cut from foam,  the black part from acetate and the other parts are cut from cardstock.  Cut out all the parts before you try to assemble the full sized shaker card.

I suggest that you cut the foam from a color close to the cardstock color you use because it blends better.  Other than that choose whatever colors you want.

When cutting the foam I have found you need a little more pressure than the standard foam setting.  And if you don’t have the deep cut blade, the fine point blade will work but you will need to cut twice and the cut may be distorted.

Paper Selection For the Thanksgiving Shaker Snow Globe Card

I did this card in shades of brown.  The base card paper does have to be two sided and it does have to be really heavy (110 lb. wt. at least.  It needs the extra support to stand up to the heaviness of this card. It is the only paper that needs to be two sided.  The Thanksgiving pictures are print then cut images.

Cutting the Thanksgiving Shaker Snow Globe Card

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a white pen on this card.  With white gel pens you have to choose carefully.  I review all the white pens I could find,  See the reviews here.  Also be sure to let the ink dry completely before closing the card or the ink will spot up the other side like in my picture.  But it sorta looks like snow so I left it.

The font I used is one of my own creation.  It fills in when drawn and is called CMV Zig Zag.  Find out more about fill in fonts here.  it takes a long time to draw but is well worth the effect.  I hate it when the font draws as only an outline!

Be sure to read the section above about cutting craft foam.

Assembling the Thanksgiving Shaker Snow Globe Card

Before you start assembling, run the pieces of foam through the Xyron Sticker Machine putting glue on the foam side without the paper. Get the Xyron machine here if you don’t have one.  If you don’t have adhesive foam just run it through the Xyron twice putting glue on both sides. Leave the center piece inside the outline until after it is run through the Xyron.  This makes cleaner glue edges.

First you need to attach the snow globe picture to the lighter brown cut out (opposite side of the writing)  I have found it easier to build up from the solid back, so first put down your light brown cardstock snow globe on the work surface.  Then remove the paper from the foam and stick it to the front, building up.   Make sure all the edges are sealed.  The foam will move slightly if you need it to.  The shaker parts go in before you add the acetate.  (Don’t laugh, but I have done this backwards several times).


Adding Shaker Parts And Finishing Up

Next put your shaker parts (sequins, beads or whatever ) in the center carefully avoiding the glue on the edge.  You can add a little or a lot.  Your choice, but if you add too much it won’t shake well.  

Lastly, put the acetate over the foam to seal the bead area.  Be sure the chamber is sealed all the way around.

Now, re-crease the folds in the base card.  You can next put the snow globe frame from the base card over the acetate and wrap the base card around.  Make sure the writing is inside the card.  Glue the other embellishments in place. 

And your full sized Thanksgiving Shaker Snow Globe Card is done and fits in an A7 envelope but a custom envelope works better.  To see how to make a custom 3D envelope see my tutorial here.

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