Halloween Cat Luminary

This Halloween Cat Luminary looks amazing!  It can be used as a luminary or a gift box.   

With the light inside of it this looks AWESOME!  The pictures don’t even capture how good it looks!  It takes a lot of patience to put this together but when it is done, WOW.  

What you will need

        • Orange and Black cardstock
        • Vellum
        • liquid glue or glue gun
        • a small battery operated light
        • lots and lots of patience
        • Download File
Paper Selection

I stuck to the standard Halloween colors.  Patterned paper looks nice but when it is dark and you light it up you can’t really see the pattern.  The vellum needs to be light.  I tried black vellum on another luminary and it didn’t glow well.

Cutting the Halloween Cat Luminary
This is fairly straight forward to cut out.  I made this from glitter cardstock, which can be difficult but the “glitter cardstock more” setting cut it on both the maker and the Air.

This is where it gets tricky.  The first thing to do is re-crease the score lines.  Then you want to attach the vellum to the back of the cut out hexagon sections.  Make sure the vellum is inside the folds.  I glued the vellum with glue on the cardstock so that the glue isn’t visible.

First we will fold the lid.  Start with the three pieces with the tabs closest to the center.  Fold the tabs in and then fold the piece up perpendicular to the lid.  

Step 1 of folding the lid
Step 1 of folding the lid
Step 2 of folding the lid
Step 2 of folding the lid
Finished lid
Finished Lid

Then put glue on the insides of the other three pieces.  Fold them at both folds so that they catch the tabs on the first three pieces and then fold them all the way over.  Glue the insides of the first three pieces and fold over completely.

Base Assembly
Next we will assemble the base of the Halloween cat luminary.  Fold all the sides up from the bottom hexagram and glue the sides together at the tabs.
Step 1 of Base Assembly
Step 1 of Base Assembly
Step 2 of Base Assembly
Step 2 of Base Assembly
Finished Base
Finished Base

Then put glue on the tabs with the flaps on them and fold them over.  Don’t worry that they cover part of the vellum at the top.  The lid covers that part.  Next glue and fold over the remaining tabs.

Finally glue the cats onto the sides and top of the box (I already have mine glued on in the pictures above).

And your Halloween Cat Luminary box is done!  Here is what it looks like all lit up

Cat Luminary all lit up
Cat Luminary all lit up
Another View of Cat Luminary all lit up
Another view lit up

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