Halloween Foam Stickers to Decorate Anything

These fun and easy Halloween Foam Stickers were made with adhesive foam and a little cardstock. They make wonderful decorations for anything you create, scrapbook pages, cards or just on their own!  I am even experimenting with making them gigantic yard signs!  I will let you know how that works.

I bought the adhesive foam at Walmart but if you can only find regular foam, you can use a Xyron Sticker maker to make them into stickers.  It is a wonderful tool and every craft room should have one!  I use mine all the time.

What you will need

Paper Selection for the Halloween Foam Stickers
The adhesive craft foam came in a 6 X 9 pack and it contained all the colors I needed.  I used cardstock for some of the more intricate cuts, but only the ones that didn’t cut well out of foam.
Cutting the Halloween Foam Stickers

You can make these stickers any size you want.  If you make them bigger make sure they fit on your foam sheet.  The bigger you make them the more parts can be cut out of foam.  At the size in the files, the intricate cuts (the scroll work on the skull and bat, and the spider web and eyes) need to be cut from cardstock, but I tried to cut them from foam first.

Cutting the foam is fairly easy.  I use the deep cut blade (black housing) but you can use the fine point blade, it will just take some extra passes.  There is a setting for craft foam.  On the Air I usually need to cut twice, even with the deep cut blade.  You may notice the jagged edges on the black foam of some of the stickers.  These cuts were done on the maker and if you don’t want them just cut again.  For Halloween designs it looks appropriate so I left them.  I don’t know why it only happened on the black.

Making the Halloween Foam Stickers
The nice thing about adhesive foam is that it all sticks together nicely.  The cardstock attaches nicely with Art Glitter Glue.  Some glues don’t work well with foam (glue gun will melt it) but Art Glitter glue works great!  Make sure you leave the paper on the bottom layer until you decide where you are going to stick it.

Start with the furthest back layer and build up.  Look at the pictures if you need help.  It is just that simple!  

And your Halloween Foam Stickers are done.  Stick them anywhere!

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