Make Your Own Halloween Masks

You can make your own Halloween Masks and they are beautiful!  Cordelia modeled them and those pictures are at the end. Or you can hang them on the wall as decorations.  They are that beautiful!  THey also make great Mardi Gras masks!

The colors can be changed to go with any costume or theme.  Wear them for Mardi Gras too.  I didn’t attach a stick or cord but I will tell you how to do that too.  Finally a use for all those paper straws I bought on clearance!

What you will need
        • Cardstock for the base masks (black)
        • various scraps of glitter cardstock
        • Sharpie and a gel pen
        • glue
        • Download Files
Paper Selection

I love the versatility of these masks and that you can make your own Halloween masks.  And using glitter paper gives them lots of bling.  You can change the colors to whatever you want.  Match your costume or theme.  I made all the base masks black but you could change that.  I think metallic paper would look great too but test your pen on it first..

If you are going to attach a stick use at least 100 lb paper for the base.  If you are going to attach a string to hold the mask on, it needs to be a little more flexible, so 65 lb or lighter is needed.  The design on the green mask was done with a metallic gel pen.  Match the color to the plume color.


These masks are easy to cut.  Be careful pulling the pink flowers off the mat.  They tear easily.

If using the SVG file, be sure you read the directions in the instruction file included in the zip file.  Otherwise the project will load at the wrong size because of a glitch in Design Space.  Also the drawings won’t work properly.  So read that file!

You can combine mats if you want.  To see how watch my video.

Play Video

Separate all the embellishment pieces for each mask so that you can keep them straight.  First glue the plumes together.  Next assemble the masks.  The flower embellishments fit tightly on the mask but if they hang over a little it is OK.  Liquid glue works best here because they are awfully small parts.

If you want to attach a stick (straw), use a glue gun so that it stays on.  

To attach a string or ribbon to wear it punch a small hole on each side and run the string through them. To use an elastic cord you need one piece and knot the ends. (This would take a very small hole)

To use a ribbon cut it in two pieces and make it long enough to tie in the back.  The ribbon can be threaded through holes and knotted but I would just glue it to the back of the mask with a glue gun.  No holes are necessary if you glue it.

Here is Cordelia modeling the masks.  They are made for adults.  To make them for children, size the base mask on the face, and then shrink the whole design to fit.  It is so great that you can make your own Halloween mask.

Another variation would be to add gems or feathers for more bling.  Use your imagination and go for it!

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