Halloween Treat Pillows kids will love

I know it is only July, but if I don’t get started on Halloween and Christmas, I will never be ready.  This Halloween Treat Pillow is the first of many holiday themed projects to come.

What goblin or ghoul wouldn’t love this treat packet?  

You will need:

        • Heavy cardstock for the base
        • various scraps
        • Marker
        • Glue
        • Danken Stripes Font (See below)
Paper Selection

The paper for the base needs to pretty heavy to hold up.  I used a plain orange paper but a subtle pattern would work too.  I chose to flatten the ghost and white printer paper is fine.

Cutting the Project

I have been looking for a font that fills in and is more than a line when drawn.  I finally gave up and created my own.  See them here and they do exactly what I want them to do! Fill in when drawn. 

Print/Cut the ghosts and the cricut will do the writing.  Otherwise the project is fairly easy to cut.


Re crease the folds but wait until the project is together to fold the flaps. First glue on the ghosts.  You can use tape runner for this but make sure to get the arms.  In my examples above I didn’t get the arms at first and they stick out (or maybe you like it that way, I did.)  Glue the two inside tabs together with liquid glue and press hard until it dries.  There is a lot of stress on this bond so be generous with the glue.

Now you can fold in the curved flaps at the top and bottom. 

Your little trick or treaters will love the treats you stuff in the pillow.

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