Happy Easter Diamond Fold Card

I am going back to my roots and doing some fancy fold cards.  This Happy Easter Diamond Fold Card is a perfect example.  The fold makes a beautiful 3D card.

This card is 5 inches square and you can find those envelopes at Hobby Lobby or you can make your own custom envelopes with the tutorial here.  I used to hate making my own envelopes, but after learning how, I do it all the time now.  They are just so much more personal and unique.

You will need:
Paper Selection

I chose to make this Happy Easter Diamond Card in pastel colors.  I also found a patterned paper that looks great too.  Use whatever colors you like.  Nothing needs to be two sided but the base card does need to be at least 110 lb. wt.

Cutting the Happy Easter Diamond Fold Card

This card is fairly easy to cut.  The all the embellishments do have some very intricate cuts so be careful removing them from the mat.

I use almost exclusively Access images in my designs.  I do this so that anyone with Access can make these projects for free and I know that everyone, whether they have Access or not at least can get to these images,  That said Access is really a great deal.  The thousands of images allow me to find almost anything I want and is a great time saver.  And now that Access members have unlimited uploads, it is an even better deal.  So consider an Access membership.  You can pay for just one month to try it out or buy it for the year and save a little.  Access members also get a 10% discount at Cricut and sometimes Cricut has sales for Access members only.

Assembling the Happy Easter Diamond Fold Card

Start by re-creasing the folds.  The folds right next to the center diamond are mountain folds and the diagonal lines are valley folds.  The overlays fit between the fold lines. 

The egg embellishments fit together with the cut outs on top.  They are not symmetrical so make sure you put the proper side up.  Attach all the embellishments to the overlays.  Take my advise for the diagonal panels, and make sure the flourishes all point the right direction or it looks funny.  See the picture above for one configuration, but there are others.  Just make sure they match.

A word about glue.  I only use Art Glitter Glue.  Contrary to the name, it does not have glitter in it.  It was first developed to glue glitter onto stuff.  It has a fine tip that makes it a dream to apply to thin cuts, and sticks better than any other glue I have tried.  They don’t ship to cold areas in the winter so it won’t freeze, but it is getting warmer and they have started shipping to my area (Iowa) again, so get yours again now!

And your Happy Easter Diamond Fold Card is done!  And it fits into a 5 inch square envelope for mailing. 

Fun Facts About Easter Eggs
  • Archaeologists found fragments of carved ostrich eggs used as drinking vessels from 60,000 years ago in Africa.
  • In Germany, people dance with eggs.  The egg dance is an Easter tradition in Germany. People put eggs on the floor and dance around them, trying not to break any.
  • The world’s biggest Easter egg was more than 34 feet tall.  According to Guinness World Records, the chocolate egg weighed 15,873 pounds. It was made in Cortenuova, Italy.
  • Before plastic, Easter eggs were made with cardboard.  During the 17th and 18th centuries, fillable eggs were made out of cardboard and covered with satin.
  • There’s a reason some chocolate eggs look like dinosaur eggs. The scaly, crocodile-skin texture you see on many chocolate Easter eggs was developed by German chocolatiers as an easy way to disguise any imperfections.
  • The world’s largest Easter egg hunt consisted of 501,000 eggs. Nearly 10,000 children participated in the hunt, which was held in Cypress Gardens Adventure Park in Winter Haven, Florida.

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