Harry Potter Cake Toppers

My daughter, Cordelia is wild about Harry Potter.  I created these Harry Potter cake toppers for her birthday cake from scratch (the toppers, not the cake).  I also made a wall hanging that shows you how to cut larger than your mat.

She loved them.  She has been using them as puppets all week and is hanging them on her wall.  It was easy to create them from  images in Design Space and I am going to show you what you need.  But first let’s make these.

Just a note,  if you don’t own the cartridge “Paper Doll Dress Up” use my SVG File.  The images are not part of Access.

What you need:
        • Tan cardstock for bodies
        • Various scraps of cardstock
        • glue
        • Popsicle sticks
        • pen
        • Download File
Specific Instructions for these Harry Potter Cake Toppers

The bodies need to be cut from a beige or tan card stock.  The robes should be cut from different pieces of card stock but it is up to you.  I used three different patterned paper.  The cloaks can be anything you want. I used black.  Choose appropriate colors for the hair and other embellishments.

I glued the bodies to the Popcicle sticks and put the cloaks behind to hide it and the black circles went behind the faces to create the eyes.  You can tell from the pictures how everything went together.

Have Fun with your Harry Potter Cake Toppers!

Making your own Characters

If you don’t own “Paper Doll Dress Up” or Paper Dolls for Everyday” cartridges, use the above SVG file for the character body.  They are not Access images.  You can buy costumes or sports clothing or whatever you need as individual pieces.

I bought both cartridges when I had an Expression machine and would make paper dolls for Cordelia to play with.  She loved it and the cartridges have become very useful over the years for making characters for scrapbook pages, cards and obviously Harry Potter cake toppers.  I really recommend the cartridges for crafting.  You can get them from Cricut here. Everyday Paper Doll, or Paper Doll Dress up

They both have the basic body and the Dress Up cartridge has a better variety of fancy clothes but the Everyday cartridge has regular costumes for sports and careers.  All the clothes are interchangeable for the basic body and can be mixed and matched.

I highly recommend these cartridges for making your own characters.  Here are some examples of what you can make:

Character Costumes

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