Have A Student Driver? You Need These Magnets!

Cordelia is a Student Driver.  She sits extra long at stop signs, turns a little wide and drives slower than I would but these are all things that new drivers do.  I have noticed that other drivers are not very patient with these things.  So I made these signs for the back of her truck.  And they have worked!  I even see other drivers point and smile.

I attached these vinyl projects to magnets so that  I could take them off when I am driving.    Hint: if you want to do this with magnets DO NOT take the paper off the magnets.  The sticky of the magnets and the sticky of the vinyl together cause air bubbles galore!  You can see this on the right sticker if you look close.

What you will need

  • 8 X 5 inch Magnet sheets (from Walmart about $2 for two)
  • several colors of vinyl
  • clear contact paper or other transfer medium
  • Download File
Vinyl Choice For Student Driver Signs

I chose to make the background color black because it is a white truck.  If I had a different color vehicle I would do them in whatever color stood out best.  I used permanent vinyl.  Again I will warn you NOT to take off the paper from the magnets.  The right one I didn’t and if you look close it has a ton of air bubbles.  The other one I left the paper and they both stand up to the rain.  Also if you want to stick the vinyl directly to the vehicle, you can but maybe I would use removable vinyl (I don’t want you to hurt your paint) or stick them to the windows.


These stickers cut pretty straight forward.  I cut them using the premium vinyl setting and more pressure.  They are layered on the black background.

Assembling the Student Driver Magnets
The first thing I did was attach the black background to the magnets.  Do this with care to minimize the air bubbles.  If you are attaching them to the vehicle directly, leave them on the carrier paper until ready to apply them. 

I used clear contact paper as transfer paper.  I reuse the contact paper over and over again so by now it has just enough sticky to work.  The left magnet is in two parts and transfers easy as separate pieces.  

The right magnet, I first transferred the writing then built the bunny driver from the front back on the contact paper.  In other words I put the yellow piece on the transfer piece then put that piece on the light blue.  After I had both those positioned on the transfer tape I then put it all over the dark blue piece and added it to the transfer tape.  Then after I had the whole image on the transfer tape I put the whole thing on the magnet.

And your Student Driver Magnets are done!  BTW I have had several people asking where I got them and asking if they could buy them, so if you wanted to make and sell them, let me know and I will probably give you permission.  I have no idea how much to charge for them though.

Teen Driving Facts
  • 16-year-olds have higher crash rates than drivers of any other age.
  • 56% of teens said they talk on the phone while driving.  Talking on a cell phone can double the likelihood of an accident as well as slow a young driver’s reaction time down to that of a 70-year-old.
  • Teen drivers with involved parents are twice as likely to wear seat belts.
  • More than 40% of teen auto deaths occur between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.
  • 1 in 5 of 16-year-old drivers has an accident within their first year of driving.
  • 56% of teenagers rely on their parents to learn how to drive.

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