Have Fun With This Side Step Halloween Card

This pop out side step Halloween Card looks fantastic!  The front has a scary graveyard scene and the inside has several  images that jump right out at you.  Your little monsters will love it!

This card fits in an A7 envelope for mailing.

You will need:
Paper Selection for the Side Step Halloween Card
The base card needs to be 65 lb. weight at least, 100 lb. weight is better so it will stand up and two sided.  The rest of the paper is your choice.  Patterns obviously work well for the overlays.  In fact this card was designed for the white to be patterned paper.  I used traditional Halloween colors.


Cutting the Side Step Halloween card

Cut the card base and the cover pieces. The Cricut will do the drawing.  I used a grey/silver pen.  The web is larger than the purple pieces but the extra will be cut away.  Don’t worry.  If you are using the SVG file, makes sure you follow the directions for the score and cut lines in the instruction document that comes with the file.

Assembling the Side Step Halloween Card

Re-crease the fold lines.  Starting at the front of the card, fold lines on the sides, from the front back are alternating mountain and valley starting with a mountain fold.  

The front overlays go black, “white” then purple and the scene is assemble on top of that.  It is pretty straight forward and you can look at the pictures if you have questions.

On the inside the overlays are assembled in the same order and fit between the side pop ups.  Assemble the layers of the pumpkin stacks, spider and bat.  This is pretty straight forward.  Fold up the sides and attach the images on the vertical pieces.

Your Side Step Halloween Card is done.  See wasn’t that easy?  And remember, the card fits in an A7 envelope for mailing.

What is the Legend Behind Black Cats?
  • Sixteenth-century Italians believed that if a black cat jumped on the bed of an ill person, the person would soon die.
  • In Colonial America, Scottish immigrants believed that a black cat entering a wake was bad luck, and could indicated the death of a family member.
  • The Norse goddess Freyja drove a chariot pulled by a pair of black cats.
  • A Roman solder killed a black cat in Egypt, and was killed by an angry mob of locals.
  • Appalachian folklore said that if you had a sty on the eyelid, rubbing the tail of a black cat on it would make the sty go away.
  • If you find a single white hair on your otherwise-black cat, it’s a good omen.
  • In England’s border countries and southern Scotland, a strange black cat on the front porch brings good fortune.

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