Heart Design Vinyl Using The Knockout Method

This heart design vinyl shirt looks good and works using the knockout method of layering vinyl. But there are a few tricks that make it look great.  There are two different ways to do it: the straight layering method and the knock out method.  Because of the glitter layer, straight layering won’t work well.

There are some tips to make this easier and I will give them to you here.

What You Need To Do This Project
  • Two shades of vinyl
  • Weeding Tools
  • Heat Press and a Teflon sheet
  • Download File
Using The Knock Out Method for this Heart Design Vinyl

This project above uses the Knock Out Method.  There is a video tutorial on how to do a similar project at “Design Space – There is Nothing to be Scared of”  or you can see it at my YouTube Channel.  If you go there, make sure you subscribe to be notified when I post new videos.

Essentially you cut one layer from the other so that the adhesive for all the layers is in contact with the surface.  This method lets you do as many layers as you want.  

How to Do the Knock Out Method in Design Space

In design space you would line up the layers where you wanted them, and then slice the top layer out of the bottom layer.  After cutting out, when you go to attach the two vinyl layers, the bottom layer is fit first then the top layer is lined up and applied second.  This can be tricky, depending on how detailed you project is and how big the pieces are.  Be patient and take the time to line them up properly.

Remember, when if doing HTV make sure you cover the whole design when attaching the second (or third, etc.) layer or you could scorch the lower layer.

Pluses and Minus of the Knock Out Method
  • The Knock Out Method allows you to do many layers.  Each layer contacts the material.
  • It is easier to use glitter vinyl because one layer doesn’t have to stick on top of other layers of vinyl.
  • The vinyl attached tends to stay better for this reason, too.
  • The vinyl doesn’t get too thick.
  • The Knock Out Method is harder to fit the layers together.  The placement must be exact.  Heating and removing the carrier sheet of HTV tends to stretch lower layers so smaller sections tend to work easier and fit together better.
Applying the Heart Design Vinyl

Like I said earlier, removing the carrier sheet tends to warp the shape of you shirt.  It doesn’t ruin it.  It just stretches it out enough to mess up the alignment of the second layer.  And it doesn’t take much with a design this big.

The first thing you want to do is iron on the outline layer (pink).  Follow the Heat Guide Settings at Cricut, even if using other products.  It is a pretty good guide.  After removing the cover sheet, check to see the line up of the second layer.  I would be surprised if it fit perfectly.

Start from the outside pieces and separate the pieces of the glitter layer one at a time.  Be careful to not cut any vinyl.  I ended up only separating the bottom three and the top three sections.  The rest of the design fit great.  Make sure when cutting apart to remove any extra “blank” spaces so that they don’t overlap with the rest of the glitter layers.  Then you can press all the pieces together at the same time.  Be sure to cover the entire design with a Teflon sheet.  The carrier sheet for the outline layer should work nicely or I have an old 12 X 12 carrier sheet from an old project.  Parchment paper works too.  DO NOT use butcher or wax paper.  The waxy layer will melt.

And your heart design vinyl shirt created with the knockout method is done!

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