Make A Hexagon Explosion Box

This Hexagon Explosion box has five separate layers.  Each on explodes open when the lid is removed.  It is based on a Christmas Explosion Box that I did before. But you will love this one more.  The hexagon shape is a great variation on the explosion box.

I made this box with two sided paper and it is much better that way.  Alternately you could decorate the inside panels.  There are so many possibilities for making this more amazing.  Use your imagination.

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What you will need

Paper Selection

This box looks much nicer with 2 sided paper. It does have to be fairly heavy paper, at theast 100 lb. weight to stand up.  Patterned paper works very well for this project but you could use plain paper and decorate the insides with other things to add bling..  Mixing the papers of the boxes and lids would add some flair too.


This Hexagon explosion box project is easy to cut but it uses a lot of paper.  If you want you can eliminate some of the layers. For instance, if you wanted to use this as wrapping for a gift, eliminate the boxes that are too small for the gift.  Just hide the layers you want to eliminate.


You should first re crease all the fold lines.  Then start start by folding the lids together.  You will need to fold the edges over twice and glue them.  Also the tabs need to be tucked in so I would fold them all and then glue them one at a time working around the circle and tucking in the tabs before the glue dries.

Glue the bottom of the inside boxes to the back of the box bigger than it centering it.  Then fold up the sides and put the lid on.  The sides do not get glued.

As you open each lid the sides open exposing the next box.  Put a special surprise in the last box if you want.

Cordelia loves these boxes.  For an added treat you might glue pockets to the inside of the boxes and but pictures or cash , or any flat little treat in them.  

And your Hexagon Explosion Box is done.

More layers of explosion box

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