Homecoming Dance Scrapbook Page

This Homecoming Dance Scrapbook Page overcomes the 11.5 X 11.5  size limit of the Cricut. The frame is layered and fills the page AND even frames the picture.  This is Cordelia and her “boyfriend” Jake.  I like him a lot, but don’t tell her dad because he doesn’t approve of her dating.

Layering the large frame not only fills the page, the openness of the image shows off the carrier page underneath.  And with a frame built in it is the complete package.

What You Need:
Paper Selection for the Dance Scrapbook Page

Since the school colors are maroon and gold, that sorta dictated the colors of this page.  I added a little bling by cutting the dancers from glitter cardstock.  (I’m wondering though if I should have made them maroon.)  The bottom carrier sheet can be patterned paper.  This variegated yellow and red paper was perfect!

Cutting the Paper for the Dance Scrapbook Page

A little bit of prep work is needed, like selecting your picture and if it isn’t in electronic form, either scan it or take a digital picture of it.  I did not put Cordelia’s picture in the download file because you will want your own.  Size it to a little bigger than 3 X 5. 

The electronic picture can be uploaded and saved as a Print/Cut image is Design Space.  If you need help with uploading pictures, I will add a section at the end of this tutorial on how to do that.  If you need to know how to do Print/Cut, there is a tutorial included in Design Space- There is Nothing to be scared of videos here.  While you are there check out my other beginner tutorials there.

You also need to edit the text on the banner.  This is done by selecting the banner piece with the writing and clicking the CONTOUR button on the bottom right.  Press the hide all contour button and the writing is gone.  Type the text you want and slice it out of the banner.  For the best results, you should use a stencil font.  This eliminates gaps and holes because all of the text is connected with no holes.  Just search stencil when selecting your font.  Cricut has several good choices or you can find nice stencil fonts at Dafont for free.

Assembling the Dance Scrapbook Page
Start by offsetting the two large pieces.  Make sure you keep them under 12 X 12 so that they fit on the page.  Then glue the two pieces together.  Next, attach the picture behind the frame part of the overlay. And finally glue the whole thing to the carrier sheet.

Next, glue the two pieces of the banner together with the same offset as the big pieces.  And lastly, attach the banner and the dancers to the page following the picture above.

And Your Dance Scrapbook Page is done!.  I have a never ending group of scrapbook pages yet to do.  The next one will be my fur baby Bronx.  He is a lab but thinks he is a lap dog.

Uploading a Picture to Design Space

I included Cordelia’s picture in the Design Space file.  It is not in the SVG file.  Inkscape doesn’t work well transferring that many color layers into Design Space.  If you want to upload your own picture, that can easily be done.

First, start Cricut Design Space.  Then, start a new project.  Click the Upload button (the little cloud bottom left).  Then, click Upload Image in the center of the page and navigate to where your picture file is on your computer and select it.

Click Open.  If it is not an SVG image (most wont be) then click complex.  Remove anything that you don’t need.  Your picture, in this case. should be a rectangle and there wont be anything to remove.  Now, click continue.  Save the image as a print/cut image and it will be placed in the list of recent uploads.  Now open this project and click upload.  Select the image and insert it into your project.  Finally, size it appropriately for this project (a little bigger than 3 X 5).

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