Honeycomb Christmas Tree Ornaments

I am in love with making these Honeycomb Christmas Tree Ornaments.  They are so classy.  I will show you how I made mine.  And I will show you my mistakes so that you don’t make them too.  They are easier than they look

These honeycomb Christmas tree ornaments look complicated but everyone can make them with these tips.  If you want to see the rest of the ornaments from Ornament Week, click here.

What you will need

        • 2 sheets of Cardstock per ornament
        • ribbon scrap
        • glue
        • glue gum
        • Download File
Paper Selection

The paper really needs to be two sides for the best results.  I will show you what happens when you don’t use two sided paper and what I tried to do to fix the issues later.  For a change the paper needs to be light weight.  The lighter the better.  Stiff paper just will not bend enough to look right.

Patterned paper works best but solid colors work too, they just look a little plain.  As for the ribbon, it needs to be fairly narrow (1/2 inch at the most).  Otherwise it just won’t fit inside and won’t form the loop properly.  Yarn or string will work but aren’t really wide enough.  If that’s what you want to use you will need a piece of thin paper or scrap ribbon to hold the center together (more on that soon)


There are 18 pieces to each honeycomb Christmas tree ornament.  You need that many to make a complete ornament.  I tried with less pieces and it did not look good (see the my mistakes section below) The Cricut insists on putting the pieces on three mats but a little rearranging will fit them on two mats.  To see how to do that watch my video.

Play Video

This is the complicated part.  I included a lot of pictures to help.  You need to decide before you start assembly which side of the paper you want to be primary.  

The first step is to fold all the pieces in half.  Fold  the pieces so that that the primary side is in the middle.  Stack the pieces with the straight edges lined up.  The stack should look like this:

Gluing the “Spine”

Straighten the stack and hold it in one hand.  Apply glue from the glue gun to the folded side all the way to the edges and while still warm attach the ribbon, loop it and put the other side in the glue too.  You are binding the center like a book

Bend the “binding” to form a semicircle.  The ornament should sorta form the loose shape like this:

Gluing the Rest of the Honeycomb Christmas Tree Ornament

Lie the ornament flat again.  With liquid glue, alternate gluing the widest point and two points near the bottom of the curves.  Put the two glue spots on the primary side you chose earlier.  The single glue dot goes on the secondary color.

Try not to use too much glue.  If the glue squirts out it will bind the wrong layers together.  Fold the next “page” down and continue alternating one and two dots.  This is where patterned paper is nice.  Just keep putting the right number of spots on the right pattern.

Finishing the Ornament

When you are done gluing, set the flat ornament aside and let the glue finish drying, about 30 minutes depending on your glue.  Art Glitter Glue only takes about 10 minutes but I waited 30 just to be safe.  Once the glue is dry start to “fluff” the sections apart.  You should see the pattern start to form.

Gently work the edges apart until the front and back touch.  Hold it that way for a few minutes to allow the center to take the proper form.  Then with the glue gun, glue the “top” to the “bottom” forming the ornament.

My Mistakes
 When I tried this ornament with one sided paper the white part really looked awkward.  I tried to fix it by putting glitter on the white parts with limited success.  I made the white part the primary.  It may have looked better if I had chose the patterned side as primary but I was too far along to change it at that point.
When I tried to make the ornament with fewer pieces it couldn’t reach all the way around and it just looked odd.  Don’t try to skimp on paper.  Use all the 18 pieces.
Also, (I don’t have a picture) don’t try to make the honeycomb in the upper and lower parts of the original shaped ornament.  It just doesn’t work. Just leave them fully free.


Your honeycomb Christmas tree ornaments are done.  Enjoy!

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