How to Make A 3D Flower Card

I have two different 3D Flower cards for you today.  One has a cut out in the center of the flower.  The other has a drawing at the center.  Both are made the same way and I will show you how to make them.

You see these 3D Flower Cards all over Pinterest.  Everyone else cuts and makes them by hand.  I made mine with the Cricut and you can too.

You will need:
Paper Selection

The 3D Flower base card needs to be very heavy cardstock, at least 110 lb weight.  The flowers can be made with any paper and actually the lighter the better.  All the other embellishments can also be made from any paper.  Try to stay away from patterns.  Every time I tried to use patterns I had conflicts of color.

Cutting the card

The flowers can be moved to all cut out on one 12 X 12 sheet.  If you are making the flowers that have cut outs in the center they also can be moved to one 12 X 12  piece of cardstock.

If you are doing the ones with the centers drawn, make sure the pen shows up on the paper.

There are some really thin cuts on both cards to be careful when removing them from the mat.

I put a rectangle in both files for the front of the 3D Flower card.  If you are using two sided paper for the base card you won’t need that rectangle.

Assembling the 3D Flower Card

The differences with the cards are in the embellishments.  Look at the pictures to see how to put the different embellishments together and where to put them on the cards.  If you have any questions feel free to email me.  If I explained all that here this tutorial would be really long, and the difficult part is the flower assembly so let’s talk about that.

Assembling the 3D Flowers

If you are using the flowers with the cut out in the center, first glue the cutouts centered in the flowers.  Once the are glued in the assembly is the same.  I show you how to assemble them with a plain set of flowers of two different colors so that it is easier to see.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The flowers come flat.  First thing to do is glue the two end petals on top of each other making a curved flower as in the first picture.  Only put glue on the edge of the bottom petal like the center flower in picture 1.

Crease all the petals by folding the flowers flat between all the petals (pic 2).  After all the flowers are creased, fold them flat as in picture 3.

Gluing the Flowers together
The flowers are glued to each other in a pattern.  The most important thing is that the points from all the flowers meet in the center of the pattern.

First lay down the first flower (the yellow) and put glue only on the tips of the outer two petals.  Attach the next two flowers (green) as in picture one above.  Next put glue, again only on the tip, of the inside green petals of the two green flowers.  Place the next petal on top of both spots of glue in the center of the stack.(step 2 pic).  

Put glue spots on the tip  of the outside petals of the flower you just attached AND the petals next to them of the other flowers. (You will have four glue dots)  Place two flowers, one over each set of glue spots as in picture three.  Put three glue dots on the 3 center petals and put the last flower on top of all three spots of glue.  

Let the glue dry thoroughly.  Put a something heavy on top of the stack until dry.  When It is dry it should open up to look like picture 4.

Finishing Up

Once the flowers are dry, they can be put in the card.  Place them flat inside the card against the fold (pic below).  Put a dot of glue on the top petal of the top flower and close the card.  Flip it over and repaet the glue dot on the other side..

When I first saw these cards I thought they opened flat.  They don’t.  The only open to a 90 degree angle.  Once the glue is dry you can test your card.

Attach to base card

Finally you can add the embellishments to your card, whichever one you are making.

And your 3D Flower Card is Done!  It fits into an A7 envelope for mailing.


I made several of these 3D Flower cards with no embellishments, just the bouquet in the center and then when I need a card I make embellishments for the occasion.  They look special and they never know I made them in advance.

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