How to Make a Clock Face with Design Space

Hi folks. I have made quite a few clock faces with Design Space.  This video series will walk you through how to make a clock face of your very own.  I will be teaching the first clock below, the flower clock.  After you learn that one you will be able to make any of these clocks.  There are 6 videos in this series.

What you will Need:
  • A basic clock from Walmart
  • A screwdriver (to take the clock apart)
  • A ruler
  • Cardstock

 This video series was on Skillshare but I am putting all my videos on my own site now.  

Make your own flower Clock assembled

This lesson is 6 videos long and takes you through the process of learning how to make an clock face with Design Space Project. Follow along with me and afterwards you will be able to design and make your own clock face.

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Lesson 1: Introduction

  • Introduce myself
  • Supplies you will need
  • What the finished project will look like
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Lesson 2: Adding Shapes

  • Adding Shapes tool
  • Sizing the shapes
  • Aligning and Slicing the shapes
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Lesson 3:  Text

  • Adding text
  • Aligning text
  • Making a Stencil Font
  • Slicing the Text
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Lesson 4: Images

  • Searching images
  • 2 Ways to Edit Images
  • Aligning and Slicing Images
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Lesson 5: Using Your Machine

  • Making the project on your Cricut
  • Gluing the project together
  • Other clockface I have Made
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Lesson 6:  Finishing

  • The Final Finished Project
  • Wrap up

Now you know how to make your own clock face!  Change all of the clocks in your house.  I would love to see what you create so why not post a picture here in the comments?  If you have any questions, you can email me or post your question in my Facebook Group.

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