How to Make Paper Pine Cones

These paper pine cones look very realistic. And they are a little tough to make. But I will walk you through it and make it easier. I tried to make these from felt and crepe paper, but they just didn’t have the stiffness to work.  You can see all the paper flower tutorials from this year’s and last year’s Flower Week here.

These paper  pine cones can be made shorter or longer simply by adding another layer to the project.

What you will need:
Paper Selection

These paper pine cones have to be made from fairly heavy cardstock,  at least 100 lb weight.  I tried to make them from crepe paper and fabric and they just didn’t hold their shape.  I considered gluing the felt to cardstock, but haven’t had the chance yet.  Shades of brown or green are really the only color choices or they will look weird

The paper must be two sided.  If you can find brown two sided patterned paper go for it.  I didn’t have any besides mickey mouse paper, and that would look weird.


Cutting the Paper Pine Cones

If you want to make the pine cones longer, just add layers.  The biggest layer is already doubled but you can double each of the other layers until you get the length you want.  Alternately if you want shorter pine cones just remove layers.

If you want to cut many all at once just duplicate the pine cone however many times you want.  You can move the pine cone parts around to minimize waste paper and cutting time.  The spokes fit together more efficiently than Cricut spaces them.

Play Video



Watch my video for cutting Multiple colors on one mat

Assembling the Paper Pine Cones
The first thing is to cut the wire into 5 inch sections, one for each pine cone you are making.  Use the pliers to make a “knot ”  or loop in one end of the wire so the paper doesn’t slide off.  Then take the biggest piece and slide the wire through the center hole.  Next bend each spoke over and put the wire through the hole at the end.  I worked in a circle to repeat this step with all the spoke but it created some interesting variations to do it in a random order.  
Repeat these steps with all the other spoke layers.  When you are done with the smallest put the three pronged layer on.  Twist the wire to put a knot in this end.  Then bend the three prongs down and attack them together with liquid glue.
I am not quite sure where to put the 5 prong piece.  I tried it at the top and the bottom but it didn’t look right either place.  (You can see it in some of the pictures)  I left it in the file because maybe one of you can figure out what to do with it.  If you do please tell me.  Otherwise just leave it off.

All the paper pine cones made from cardstock
All the Pine Cones

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