How to Use Your EasyPress Video Tutorials

This video series teaches using your EasyPress.  The EasyPress Video Tutorials show you how to use your EasyPress on one and two color HTV, Sublimation (Infusible ink) and even repair vinyl mistakes.  These are the projects I make and you can download the design files here for all but the Hocus Pocus shirt.  But I tell you how to design your own Hocus Pocus shirt in the video.

I tried a few things, made lots of mistakes and eventually mastered pressing with my EasyPress and wanted to show others.  

I wanted the series to be a free resource for beginners.  After I learned to make videos, I made the series for you.  You can access them here or through my YouTube Channel here.  Consider subscribing to be notified of new videos.

These are the beginner tutorials where I show you the basics of HTV and Sublimation (Infusible Ink). 

So what have you got to lose? 

EasyPress Video Tutorials


The first video shows you how to do simple HTV project with only one type of vinyl.  We make some flour sack towels that I will be giving as gifts!

Play Video
Play Video


The second video shows you how to do multiple color HTV projects simply.  I do two different t-shirts, the moon shirt and the Hocus Pocus shirt.


With the third video we make two sublimation bags.  One of them combines sublimation and infusible ink pens.  The second bag combines infusible ink and HTV in the same project.

Play Video
Play Video


The final short video shows you how you can repair simple mistakes with HTV.  It is easier than you think!


When you are done with these videos you will be ready to press shirts with your Easypress and HTV or Sublimatuion.  Have fun and download my designs here.

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