Working with Adhesive Foil

Working with adhesive foil is easy.  I bought this Cricut brand adhesive foil at Hobby Lobby during one of their big clearance events.  I thought I’d try it and give you my opinion of it.  You can buy it at the Cricut site. It is a removable vinyl (which I had to find out online).

I made the drink cup before I knew it was a removable vinyl.  It has a coffee cup on the label and doesn’t say it is removable so I thought it would be fine.  I have hand washed it a few times and the vinyl has stayed though so we will see how it holds up.

What you will need

This cuts fairly easily.  I used my custom vinyl setting that cuts twice automatically.  If you want to know how to create a custom setting,  see this page.  


Working with adhesive foil is great and it weeds like a dream!!  I didn’t need my light pad at all.  It is hard to get a pick into it though.  I ended up having to bend the carrier sheet slightly at the seams and wiggle the pick under it to get the scroll work off.  The scroll work even though it is very fine came up in one piece and looked so good I applied it to the top of the drink cup with no problems.

Applying the Vinyl

I used Cricut brand transfer paper to transfer the decal to the drink cup.  It worked fine.  If it had all been one piece I don’t think I would have needed it though.  This vinyl is very strong and very stiff. 

I transferred the scroll work without using transfer paper.  Once I got it off the carrier sheet it work beautifully and just went right on using my fingers.

Because I had multiple pieces that I needed to keep aligned, I did use the transfer paper on the main decal though.  As I said this vinyl is very stiff and went on beautifully handling the curve very easily.

In Conclusion

I think I love this adhesive foil.  Working with adhesive foil is great! I was expecting something like tin foil but it surprised me with the thickness and stiffness.  It was extremely easy to work with and I highly recommend it.  I just wish it had said removable on the label or at least not had a coffee cup pictured on the label.  I would have looked harder and figured out it wasn’t permanent.

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