HSN Craft Day Inspiration

HSN Craft Day Inspiration never fails me.  I plan ahead to always watch every time.  It never ceases to inspire me. 

I cant wait until they get the cricut infusion stuff.  I want to see what they do.

This year I had several appointments on Tuesday so I recored the whole day on my DVR.  And I discovered this is really the best way to watch it.  (Since it isn’t live you aren’t tempted to buy anything.)  Watching it the next day I could fast forward through the stuff I wasn’t interested in, like the electronics.  Although if I didn’t already have a printer,  that Cannon printer that prints 12 by 12 paper would be neat.

Anna Griffin

It seemed to be Anna Griffin Day, which is OK.  I like her stuff.  It is just a bit pricey though.  And I can re-design it for myself fairly easily

Picture of Anna Griffin
Anna Griffin

The first thing I saw of hers was this wonderful Cake Card Die.  It seemed like a beautiful  project.  I probably won’t do a cake but the Idea of cutting out the front of the card is interesting.  Look for something like it in my projects soon.  By the way, did anyone notice the card bands?  I told you they were the next great thing!  See my tutorial here.

Anna Griffin Cake Die
Anna Griffin Cake Die

The next thing I saw was her pulley cards.  She had a kit where all the parts were cut and the mechanism was already assembled.  I thought I can make that!  Maybe even with another layer or a different bottom .

I designed a couple that you can make like the Halloween Pulley Card and the Christmas pulley card.  I loved how they turned out so I will be making more in the future.

Anna Griffin Pulley Card Instructions
Anna Griffin Pulley Card Instructions
Faux Stained Glass

Now I’m not a big stamper.  I dabble but I just don’t do a lot of it.  No offense to those of you that do.  I love the pictures I see online.  But I’m just not good of coloring things.  That’s why I do Coloring With Paper.  But if HSN wasn’t doing electronics or Anna Griffin, it was mainly stamping.  Then I saw this great technique where this person was making faux stained glass with acetate.  I was mesmerized.  I have to try that.  


Do any of you have a MINC?  It is a heat reactive foil that attaches itself to toner.  Supposedly you can print on a laser printer, run it through this tool and foil all the places there is toner (I keep calling it ink, but it is toner). I have a page on foiling here.

Well HSN craft day inspiration came to me again.  Next month they will have another one and Sara from Crafters Companion will be there so I a warming up my DVR.  Maybe she will have the full sized Gemini on special!  I need one of those. *Update:  They had the full sized Gemini and Ken bought me one!

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