HTVRontVinyl Review: Weeding

HTVRontvinyl Review They sent me a HTV sample pack and asked me to review it. I will be completely honest. That said I really like the product so far. Weeding was really easy.  But first I will talk about how it arrived.  I got the 36 pack of 12X10 HTV which you can order here.  It sells for $22.99, which is cheaper than I can buy something like it at a craft store.

They even have Cricut Projects on their site

The package arrived quickly, in about a week.  (Actually 2 days early)  When I opened the package there was a nice plastic reusable folder holding the HTV with Velcro closure.  Very Nice!  And in the package, I received a weeding tool that everyone gets in this package! Yes, I have a few but I used theirs and it worked fine.  Also in the package was an instruction sheet which was helpful.  I am going to evaluate several things in this post: cutting, weeding, easy of application, wash ability,  and anything else I find important.

Cutting HTVRontvinyl Review

Cordelia has wanted me to do this design for her.  I haven’t because I hate weeding and if you look at it, it has a lot of weeding.  So this is a good test.   It is an Access image and I used it as is so I am not going to post it.  To download this project go here.


I used the setting  for iron on (Non Cricut) and More.  The biggest problem I have working with HTV vinyl is what side to cut.  If you only knew how many times I have cut the wrong side. LOL. I had to come up with a way to fix this problem.  For me,  I now use a pick to separate a very small part of the HTV in a space I am going to weed anyway.  It is easy to tell which side is the HTV and which side is the cover sheet.  The cover sheet is the side without color.  Put the cover sheet (shiny) side down.  

This cut the materials perfectly.  When I removed it from the mat and turned the sheet over I saw the score of the cuts clearly on the cover sheet which told me it cuts the vinyl all the way through.

Weeding HTVRontvinyl Review
The next step is weeding. UGH! But this vinyl weeded beautifully.  I didn’t need my BrightPad.  All I needed was a overhead light and even the tiny parts came up easily.  It took about 90 miutes to weed this project and I still hate weeding, but I had no problems except keeping track of the little pieces as usual. 
I used both their weeding tool and my favorite weeding tool and they worked about the same.  And who can’t use more tools! (to paraphrase Tim the tool man Taylor).  I think including a tool is great.  I hate buying kits only to have to buy more tools to make it.
Applying HTVRontvinyl Review
I applied the project to a bag that was mostly polyester and the heat guide said to use 340 degrees for 30 seconds.  When I did that it went on great.  It is a warm peel (not hot) vinyl and the cover sheet came off easily.  Running my hand over the project, I could barely feel it, which is good.  After I wash it a few times I will put the peeling or not peeling information here.
In Conclusion

As I said, I put the project on a bag for Cordelia and she wanted to take it to school this morning.  I made her wait until I got this post done.

I really like this product and have added it to the Products I Use Page.  Later I will review layering different colors and after I have washed the bag a few times I will comment on how well it stays or peels.  Check out their page and see all of their discounts.  

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