Impressive! Double Twirl Ornament Card

All of you know how much I love making twirl cards.  This double twirl ornament card is no exception.  Two, count them, two twirling ornaments!   With the card sitting up, like the picture at the end, you can play with and twirl the ornaments all day long.

The ornaments are decorated with the new Cricut Foiling tool but it can be changed to draw those decorations easily if you don’t have the tool yet.  See my review of that tool here.  The card fits in an A2 envelope for mailing.

You will need:

Paper Selection

This double twirl ornament card was made, of course, in Christmas colors.  The ornaments have a  gold piece made with gold foiled paper and a red piece which is decorated. And the front piece is a Christmas patterned paper.  The foiling on the red part of the ornaments is done in gold to go with the ornaments.  The green base card paper needs to be 2 sided and heavy paper (110 lb. wt. or more) to support the card. That is why patterns probably won’t work for the base card.  The rest of the paper can be any weight you have and don’t have to be two sided.

Cutting the Double Twirl Ornament Card

This card is fairly easy to cut.  Be careful with the small pieces.  They tear easily.  The writing is done with a green gel pen and the font used in the Design Space file is an Access font. 

If you don’t have the foil kit, you can change the accents on the ornaments to draw under the Linetype menu in the top row of Design Space.  If you need help using the foil tool, see the tutorial here.

Assembling the Double Twirl Ornament Card

First you want to re-crease all the folds.  Then you want to attach the string. 

Lay the string across one set of the tree cut outs.  You want it to extend beyond the ends of the card.  We will trim it in a minute.  Attach the string at the top and bottom  of the trees with a glue gun.  Do not go past a fold line.  Use only a little glue.  Pull the string tight before the glue hardens.  Then trim off the extra string so that it is shorter than the card.  Then fold the tree cutouts together and glue the two sections to have the string between them.

Next glue the overlays on the card and assemble the ornaments.  There are two gold  pieces and red decorated pieces for each of the ornaments.   Do not attach the ornaments to the card yet.

Making the Double Twirl Ornament Card Twirl

Open the card and lay the base card flat.  Lay one of the a pieces of each ornament upside down, under the strings .  Then put glue on the back of the other ornaments and glue the pieces together with the string between them.  Make sure you line them up properly.  Let the glue dry. 

Wind the string with the ornaments on either side a few times (7 or 8 at least) and close the card.  When you open the card the ornaments will spin.

The Double Twirl Ornament card fits in an A2 envelope for mailing and to work properly needs to go in an envelope.  Be sure to wind the string before putting it in the envelope!


Double twirl ornament card sitting up
Sitting Up

Ornament Fun Facts

  • The first decorated trees were adorned with apples, candy canes and pastries.
  • The first lights on a Christmas tree were candles. (Isn’t this a fire hazard?)
  • Germany was the exclusive producer of glass ornaments until 1925.
  • The traditional spherical ornaments you see on a multitude of Christmas trees are called baubles.
  • The White House Historical Association (WHHA) creates unique ornaments every year for the White House tree.
  • Germans traditionally hang a pickle on the Christmas tree and whoever finds it gets a prize (Note: I have a glass pickle my Grandmother gave me and hang it on my tree every year with pride.)

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