Infinity Easter Card

The Infinity card is one of my favorites. You can just keep opening it forever. And the silver is so classy looking.

Download the files here

You will need

  • Heavy cardstock for the base
  • Silver cardstock
  • Medium cardstock (blue dot)
  • Liquid glue
  • Tape glue (optional)

Start by cutting the base card (lt. blue). You can cut them from 1 sheet of cardstock. Just move the base piece on mat 2 to mat 1 and turn it. With liquid glue, glue the four pieces like the picture below and let dry.

With a Popsicle stick re-crease all the fold lines. Play with the card a few times to make it easier to fold and re-fold.

Cut the rest of the pieces. Glue the silver pieces to the appropriate sized background pieces (blue dots). For the bunnies, glue the outline pieces. For the flowers, glue either the cutout or the outline pieces. I used 4 of each. Try to use different flowers for each but if they don’t cut right or just aren’t what you want, it doesn’t really matter. The eggs are very difficult to cut out. For some it is appropriate to use the outline, but most the cut out is better.

Glue the panels to the card in the appropriate size area. The bunny and carrot outline goes on specific squares. Fold your card so that it looks like a plus sign (the middle picture). Glue the bunny and carrot squares to those blocks. This helps because only half of those panels can be seen in one view( picture 3) and this block works because it has 2 separate objects.

Your card is done. Enjoy.

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