July 2019 Downloads

Yes! You can download all my files for free.  These are my July 2019 downloads.  They include vinyl projects and cards and the whole week of Flower Week!  This includes a lot of my paper flower files.

The Design Space link opens the project ready to cut in Design Space.  This is the best way to get the projects.  Just save the file as you would your own and you will always have it. Most of my projects require Access to make the project for free.  Sometimes there is no Design Space File.  This probably means that I used an uploaded graphic in that project.

The Tutorial Post link will take you to my post where I talk about why and how I made the project.  It has specific instructions and tips for that project.  

The download file link will download the SVG to make the project. The instruction document in the zip file explains how to upload the SVG and any edits to the project that need to be made.  If you don’t have Access, this file will still let you make the project for free.

Panda Onesie done with metalic Vinyl to teach using metallic HTV
Panda Onsie #2
Panda Onesie in Metallic Vinyl
Crazy Cricut Lady Shirt using metallic HTV
Crazy Cricut Lady Shirt
Crazy Cricut Lady Shirt
Sliding Pop up Card opened
Pop Out Card
Halloween Sliding  Pop Out Card
Panda Onesie using glitter vinyl in purple
Panda Onesie
Large and small butterflies
Large and small butterflies
Large Accordion Fold Butterflies
Large and small butterflies
Large and small butterflies
Small Accordion Fold Butterflies
Halloween Treat Pillows
Weave Thank You Card
Weave Thank You Card
Weave Thank You Card
Pink Flower Mandala made by coloring with paper
Flower Mandala

Flower Mandala

A green succulent plant made from paper
The Succulent

This file was updated in 2020 and the links are to that download and tutorial.

Yellow Fancy Daisy made from paper
The Fancy Daisy
Blue 3D Paper Tulip
3D Paper Tulip
Patterned paper buttercup flower
Buttercup flower
Lily made from patterned paper
Patterned Paper Lily
The Sunflower made from paper
The Sunflower
A blue Paper Tulip
The paper Tulip
Pink Gerber Daisy paper flower in pink
Pink Gerber Daisy
Paper Pinwheel Flower
Paper Pinwheel Flower
the Daffodil paper flower
the Daffodil paper flower
3D Paper Flowers with Leaves
3D Flower with Leaves
A different angle on Two snow drop Flowers
Two Snow Drop Flowers
Pink Paper Christmas Poinsettia paper Flower
Pink Paper Poinsettia
Blue Star Mandala made by coloring with paper
Star mandala

Star Mandala

Little Bears Scrapbook Page
Buffalo Stampede Scrapbook Page
Bendy Card to say Get Well Soon
Get Well Bendy Card

Dad Is Not An ATM Shirt

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