Kids Valentine’s Day Cards

I have these kids Valentine’s Day Cards to finish up my Valentines posts.  They are easy to make and can be made in bulk for class card exchanges .  There are coloring cards and lollipop cards.

These kid’s valentine’s cards come in two different download files and can be made in any color.  Some of them I deleted out the center score line and decorated them with a little washi tape.  Let your kids help and each one becomes an original.

What you will need

        • Heavy Cardstock
        • scraps of cardstock
        • Thick sharpie Pen
        • glue
        • washi tape – optional
        • crayons or suckers to put in the cards
        • Download Files
Paper Selection

The background color really doesn’t matter as long as the pen will show up on the crayon cards.  That said I really wouldn’t use a patterned paper for the coloring cards.  

The lollipop cards will work with either plain or patterned paper.  The base cards on both types of card must be two sided paper.  And the paper does have to be fairly heavy, at least 100 lb for both cards.  


The cricut does all the writing.  To make clear lines a medium or thick sharpie works best.  

The Cupid bow doesn’t cut well but I got enough to make it look OK.  Just be careful taking all the pieces off the mat.

Assembling the Kid’s Valentine’s Cards

For the crayon cards, first fold up the tabs.  Then insert the crayons through both holes.  

For the lollipop cards, first glue the embellishment on the front.  Then make sure the slit cut all the way through.  Finally insert a lollipop stick through the holes and let the flaps hold it in place.

You can decorate them with washi tape if you want.

And all your kids Valentine’s cards are done.  See I told you it was simple!!!

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