Knock out Vinyl Indians Baseball Project

It is baseball season so I did this Knock out vinyl project for my favorite team Cleaveland Indians.  Go Tribe!  Oh and I also did one for Ken.  He is a Cubs fan.

Knock out vinyl Indians Project
Cubs Knockout Vinyl Project

This is a fun knock out project that I  posted a tutorial on how do do your own team in the Design Space -There is nothing to be Scared of video section , but I thought I’d just put the projects here so I could tell you how to finish it.

I used an oven cover plate of plain white to make the Indians project.  You can buy them at the dollar store or at Walmart fairly cheaply.  Whether you use it as a wall hanging or oven cover is up to you.  I used removable vinyl but you can use permanent too.

What you need:
          • oven cover
          • blue, red  and white vinyl
          • transfer paper
          • scraper or squeegee
          • a pick to weed with
          • download file
Preparing The Design

I used the Indians logo colors of vinyl to cut this.  If you are doing a different team, use their colors.  I posted the video today on how to make your own cut file.

Cut each color separately.  Then weed each color. 

The first thing to do is place the blue oval on the oven cover.  Using your transfer tape, place it over the oval and squeegee it down.  Next pull up the blue oval onto the tape.  I’ve found it works best if the transfer tape is on the bottom and you peel the vinyl carrier away parallel to the transfer paper. Place the oval in the middle of the oven cover.  Squeegee it well and make sure there are no air bubbles.  Peel the transfer paper away  parallel to the oven cover leaving the oval behind.

Place the same piece of transfer paper (now empty) over the red player first and move it to the transfer paper.  Then line up the transfer paper over the white logo making sure to get the pieces lined up properly.  Transfer the design to the oven cover centering the player and logo in the center of the oval. Squeegee it down so there are no air bubbles. Finally remove the transfer paper.

Your Knock out vinyl project is done!

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