Lace I Love You Card With a Card Band

I made a card band to go with this Lace I Love You Card.  The card band has lace too.  This card is perfect for Anniversaries or just to say how much they mean to you.

Lace I Love You Card Open
Open Card

What special someone wouldn’t love this card?  It is made in shades of blue with a card band to hold it closed.  And it fits in an A2 envelope or make your own envelope following my easy video tutorial here.

You will need:

Paper Selection
This lace I love you card is made in shades of blue but any color scheme would work.  The base card needs to be heavy (65 lb. wt. at least), but the lace needs to be cut from as light of paper as possible.  Heavy paper just will not fold well for the lace.  Vellum would be perfect!  The card band medallion uses a cute patterned paper, just make sure it is in the same color scheme.
Cutting the Lace I Love You Card and Card Band

Cut the card base and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a white pen.  I really like the way that looks. If you want to buy one, get it here.   Quality really counts on a white gel pen.  Cheap ones don’t work as well but good ones look fantastic.  I review several brands of white pens here.

The pieces on this card have really thin parts.  Be careful when removing them from the mats.  There are score lines on the lace to help in folding and lining them up properly.

Assembling the Lace I Love You Card and Card Band

The first thing to do is re-crease all the folds on the base cards and the lace pieces.  Glue the lace pieces onto the base card with liquid glue.  Make sure you line up the fold lines and glue the lace very well.  Let the glue dry completely and test the folds when finished.

I use only Art Glitter glue because of the metal tip and because it doesn’t dry immediately allowing me to move the pieces around a little. But it does dry permanently and holds better than anything else I have used.  Make sure you replace the pin in the tip after every use or it dries and clogs the tip. 

Next, assemble the card band.  The lace has no score lines for the band.  Glue it completely and let the glue dry before fitting it to the card.  Assemble the medallion and attach both ends of the card band to the back of the medallion fitting the band slightly loosely to the card.  If you make it too tight they won’t be able to get it off.

And your Lace I Love You Card and Card Band are done.  They fit into a standard A2 envelope or you can make your own by following the Envelope Making Video Tutorial here

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