Lattice Heart Card 2020 to Make

I made a Lattice Heart Card as one of the first projects I posted. It was never one of my favorites.  I wanted to do it better.  And I have learned a lot this last year so here it is, the new and improved card.

If you want to look at the old one, it is here.  This one is definitely better.  It is still easy to make.  And even I learn something new all the time.

You will need:

        • Cardstock for the base
        • Scrap Cardstock for the hearts
        • Vellum
        • Pen
        • Glue
        • Download File
Choosing the Paper

I chose traditional Valentines colors, but it could be done in any color or patterned paper.  The inside doesn’t even have to match the outside.  And the vellum can be any color.  I chose a black pen but gold would look nice too.  The base card doesn’t have to be heavy paper because the two layers would make it sturdy.


Cutting the Lattice Heart Card

Start by cutting the vellum. You can do this by hand or I put a square in both the download files. When cutting it on the Cricut, make sure that it is sealed tight to the mat.  Vellum can be difficult to cut.   Any air bubbles or slightly less sticky spots will cause the vellum to rip.  I usually squeegee the vellum to the mat to push out any air bubbles.

Cut the card base and the cricut will do the writing.  I tried cutting this card with the wavy blade and that was a complete fail.  The lattice lines are just too close together and the waves run into each other.


Glue the vellum to the inside of one of the the base cards. I use Art Glitter Glue.  It is the only glue I use.  Put the glue on the lattice side so no glue gets on the vellum where the holes are.  Then glue the other base card around the edges and stick them together matching the center score lines.  Make sure the lattice cuts line up or the lattice looks off.

Lastly, glue the hearts above and below the sentiment.

And you’re Lattice Heart Card is done. The card fits in an A7 envelope for mailing.


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