Layered LOVE Scrapbook Page or Wall Hanging

This layered LOVE project can be used as a wall hanging or scrapbook page. The letters are cut out and filled with intricate Valentine’s Day images.

THe LOVE frame is layered with foam tape and filled with Valentine images, making it a  3D project anyone will admire!  Add a 12 X 12 sheet behind it and it becomes a wonderful scrapbook page.  (The picture looks a little warped because it barely fit in my photo cube.)

What You Need:
Paper Selection for the Layered LOVE Page

This project is done in traditional Valentine colors for obvious reasons.  If you add a 12 X 12 sheet behind it, the project makes a great scrapbook page.  You can use foiled paper or glitter paper for the cut outs if you want more bling.

Cutting the Paper for the Layered LOVE Page

The outline of the LOVE  is on the white sheet so that you can judge where to place the embellishments before adding the extra layers and so that everything lines up.  Use a light colored pen so that it isn’t seen.

You can rearrange the embellishments on the pink and darker pink layers, inside the LOVE cut outs to save paper and make them on the same mat.  Make sure you save the insides of the Os to add them later.

If using the SVG make sure to follow the directions in the instruction document in the zip file to make your project the right size and allow it to draw properly.

There are lots and lots of little pieces.  Sort them into which letter they fit on to keep them straight.

Assembling the Layered LOVE Page
Start by arranging the embellishments on the white sheet with the LOVE drawn on it.  As I said earlier, the writing is just there as a guide.  Make the colors and sizes as random as you can.  Some of them can be attached with very small bits of foam tape to add dimension if you want, but keep it to one piece or the embellishments with stick out above the LOVE.

After all the embellishments are attached,  add the light pink layer with foam tape and then the dark pink layer with more foam tape.  Make sure you center the letters properly.  I have found that it is easier to attach one corner with foam tape first, then add more foam tape a small area at a time.  It is easier to keep it flat that way. 

And your Layered LOVE Page is done!.  

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