layered mandala turkey in fall colors

Layered Mandalas List of Projects

This is a list of all my layered mandalas. They are projects from all occasions. And I love making them so there are always more being added.  Shrink them down to make embellishments for cards or make wall handings from the original size.  You can make them with foam tape or with just glue.  See the tutorials for details.

Just click on the read more button to see the whole tutorial.  Download links are included inside each project.  I am always adding new layered mandalas and you definitely need to check this list frequently.

So pick your favorite layered mandalas and enjoy.  If you have any questions you can post a comment below, email me, or post the question at my Facebook Group, The Crazy Cricut Lady Group.

Bride & Groom: A New Type of Layered Mandala

Bride & Groom: A New Type of Layered Mandala

I discovered this new way of making a layered mandala in a flyer from Hobby Lobby. In trying to decide how to show it to ...
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Easter Bunny Layered Mandala in pastels

Easy Easter Bunny Layered Mandala to Make

This Easter Bunny Layered Mandala is easy to make.  I designed it for all those people scared to try the complex ones.  There are a ...
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Shamrock Layered Mandala in shades of green

Make A More Difficult Shamrock Layered Mandala

This shamrock layered mandala is a little more complex than some of my layered mandalas. But don't worry it is not as hard as it ...
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Lion Layered Mandala

Beautiful Lion Layered Mandala

This lion layered mandala started as an Access image.  I altered it a bit and made this beautiful wall hanging.  It is truely remarkable and ...
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Flower Layered Mandala workaround

Flower Layered Mandala: Special Notes

Layered Mandalas are all the rage!  I have made several and you can see all of them here.  This Flower Layered Mandala is beautiful.  But ...
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Layered Snowflake mandala

Make This Snowflake Layered Mandala

This Snowflake Layered Mandala is made with 4 different types of paper.  I used 2 regular cardstocks (white and grey), vellum, glitter cardstock and foiled ...
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Simple heart layered mandala for valentines

Simple Heart Layered Mandala to Make

This Heart Layered Mandala is a simple design, suitable for beginners. If you have been scared to try them, this one is simple and a ...
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layered mandala snowman

Make this Layered Mandala Snowman

If you have been scared to try the layered mandala before this layered mandala snowman is the perfect starter project.  It is simple and easy ...
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Santa Layered Mandala

Make A Fancy Santa Layered Mandala

Frame this Santa Layered Mandala and make a beautiful wall hanging and decorations suitable for giving as a Christmas Gift. And Sana says "Ho Ho ...
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layered mandala turkey in fall colors

Layered Mandala Turkey for Thanksgiving

Another in the Multilayered Mandala Series is this turkey.  The detail in this turkey is amazing. It can be shrunk down to fit on cards ...
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Halloween Skull Layered Mandala without background

Halloween Skull Layered Mandala

This Halloween Skull Layered Mandala is part of a set I am doing for Halloween.  I plan to frame them all and line them up ...
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Framed Layered monogram mandala

Layered Monogram Mandala for a Birthday Present

I made this layered monogram mandala project for Cordelia's birthday.  While everyone has different initials, all the letters of this type are available in Design ...
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Rose Mandala made special by writing on it

Make Your Layered Mandala Special

I was looking for ways to make your layered mandalas special, and I found it!  Write or draw on the top layer.  You can add ...
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Halloween layered pumpkin mandala

Make a Halloween Layered Pumpkin Mandala

This layered pumpkin mandala is a great Halloween decoration and similar to the Angel Mandala I did a little while ago.  I made this one ...
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Making Your Own Multi-Layered Mandala

Making Your Own Multi-Layered Mandala

I had many of you say that you interested in make your own multi-layered mandala. I am here to teach you exactly that. And the ...
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Layered Deer Head Mandala used as a memorial

Layered Deer Head Mandala Memorial

Now that I have mastered the layered mandala I made this Layered Deer Head Mandala as a memorial for Ken. He would have liked it ...
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Layered Angel Wall Hanging

Layered Angel Wall Art

I made this layered angel wall art while trying to teach myself to make the layered mandala projects.  I think I have it with this ...
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Grad sign Project in blue

Layered Dad Sign and Grad Sign

I made these GRAD signs and DAD signs while trying to teach myself to make the layered mandala projects.  I thought they would make the ...
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