Learn A New Simple Layered Mandala Technique

I discovered this new way of making a layered mandala in a flyer from Hobby Lobby. I am going to teach you how to do your own with this simple project.  The technique is easy once you know what to look for in the project.

This tutorial will teach you how to recognize the parts and methods to use.

You will need:
        • various shades of cardstock for the solid pieces
        • cardstock for the mandala
        • Glue or Foam tape
        • Download File to use as an example
Designing Your Own Simple Layered Mandala Project

I will take you step by step into making you own simple layered mandala project using this simple circle mandala.  It is an Access image named “background” and is number #M3BF26.  Insert it into your project and make it about 6 inches tall.  Then delete the pick layer.

You need to then decide where the colors will change.  This is simple for this project because of the circles and you could just make the circles.  But I am teaching you how to do this type of project, so I will take you through the steps as if it was more complex.  Make several copies of the mandala, at least one for each color you want to add to the background.  You may need a couple for each color depending on the complexity.

Using various shapes if necessary, cut the mandala into sections, at least one per color you want to add. Cut away the sections that you don’t want that color. (example 1 below) Make sure you leave a little piece of the edge line.  You may have to use several shapes to slice them away.

When you have all the extra pieces cut off, then change the color to the under color you want.  Next, select the contour button in the right bottom corner of Design space and hide all contours. Example 2 below shows before and after hiding all the contours.   Set it aside and continue cutting the mandala until you have all the pieces for the under colors.  Make sure you always keep at least one copy of the intact original mandala.

Line all the solid colors under the front mandala and see if any of the pieces need extra trimming. (finished design below) Trim anything that hangs over the borders of the area with the slice tool.  

This example was simple.  The bride and groom project was more complicated but done the same way.

Paper Selection for the Simple Layered Mandala Technique

This project can be made with any paper.  I chose to do the top layer (mandala layer) in plain tan and the lower pieces in various colors and papers.  Patterns work for the background colors as well as foil or glitter papers.  Your imagination is your only limit!

Cutting the Simple Layered Mandala

Start with the top layer and cut the other colors last.

Be careful removing the top layers from the mat because the lines can be thin in your mandala.


Assembling the Simple Layered Mandala

The difference between this project and the traditional layered mandala is that only the top layer is a mandala.  The other colors are solid.  You can cut two layers of the top mandala layer to make it a bit deeper but you don’t have to.  

First, attach the top layer to the solid color layers with foam tape or liquid glue.  Foam tape adds dimension and looks so much more impressive.  The solid pieces should fit exactly inside the outline for that piece and since the lines are thin, and the foam tape may need to be cut down so that it doesn’t show.  Be very careful when placing the solid pieces so that they don’t hang over the edges of the mandala outline.

Once it is done, you can put the mandala on a piece of patterned cardstock and frame it.   If you used foam tape to assemble the project, you may need to use a shadowbox frame or place some foam tape between the back and the glass to make room for the thickness.


And your Simple Layered Mandala is done and you can now create your own!  Below is some of them I have created.  I will add more as I post them.


You can use this method for making a simple layered mandala for almost any mandala.  I would not try this with the very, very complex mandalas without clear, large edges. Also stay away from mandalas that would require many many colors or small pieces of color.  Try it and I would love to see pictures of what you make.  Post them in the Facebook Group or add them to the comments below.

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  1. Would you be willing to do a video showing how to do this? I find it much easier to go along with a video than I do written directions.

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