Little Bear Scrapbook Page

This Little Bear Scrapbook Page tells about our trip to the Black Hills and our visit to Bear Country USA.  It also serves as another tutorial on creating scrapbook  pages in design Space.  Cordelia just loved the baby bears.  She watched them for a good 20 minutes. And I loved watching her!

Family vacations are a common theme for scrapbook pages.  I hope to show you the versatility of Design Space when creating pages.  You can do cutouts on the top page that show through to the bottom page color, draw pictures, write on the page, and make your own embellishments.

What You Need:
        • Download File
        • 2 sheets of 12 X 12 cardstock
        • tape and/or liquid glue
        • washi tape
        • Pen
        • various scraps of cardstock
        • pictures
Paper Selection

One of the 12 X 12 cardstock sheets can be patterned paper but not both.  It makes it too confusing.  Design Space cuts the top page to 11.5 X 11.5 inches, making a 1/4 inch border around the whole page.

The little bears can be used for journaling easily.  Make them whatever size you need to tell the story.

Cutting the Little Bears Scrapbook Page

I saved the flourishes that were cut out for another project so I can use them later.

The center piece of these pages is the large drawing used as a background for the page.  Cricut will draw them as big as you want as long as they fit on the page.  I think it adds a wonderful centerpiece and focus to these pages.

  • Edit

You can attach the top page to the bottom before or after you glue the embellishments to the top page. Attach the pictures where and how you want them to the top sheet with washi tape but first be sure the background picture show through.

You can then attach the two pages together with the top page centered on the bottom page leaving a nice border around your page.  Notice how the flourish cutouts on the top and bottom show the back color. 

 Your Little Bears Scrapbook page is finished. And I hope you learned something about scrapbooking with Cricut.  Let me know if you did.

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