Make A Birthday Tower Card

This Birthday Tower Card is great for kids, or just kids at heart.  And it has that Crazy Cricut Lady Flair!  I love the way this card opens up!

I tried to cut out all the little parts and glue them together.  That DID NOT work!  So I thought, why not flatten them and print it out?  That worked great!  This type of project is exactly flatten is for.

You will need:
Paper Selection

This Birthday Tower Card can be done in any color but if you change the color you will have to un-flatten each rectangle and change those colors too.  The strips on the sides need to be two sided and fairly heavy cardstock, at least 100 lb weight. 

The print then cut images look better on cardstock, if your printer will take it.  They look good on regular paper too but cardstock looks better.

Cutting the card

First Print the rectangles then cut them out.  Take my word for it, you don’t want to print out all these pieces.  But if you insist on it, just un-flatten all the pieces and change them to cut.  Keep the little pieces straight and assemble the little rectangles one at a time.

Assembling the Birthday Tower Card

First re-crease all the folds on the long strips.  We are going to progress like you printed all the pieces.  First glue the small rectangles to the long strips.  Each rectangle fits on a section of the strips.  There are four different pictures and four copies of each.  One type of picture for each side strip.  I glued them on randomly on the top four sections.  Leave the bottom section blank.

Accordion fold the strips and glue the bottom section to the edge of the dark blue square.  Then glue the the square with the picture on top covering the strip pieces.  An alternative way to do this is glue the tabs under the big blue square and glue the square with the picture over them covering the under side.  This works better for hanging the tower birthday card.  (Or print an extra square and put one on both sides.)

Once the bottom is glued,  fold the strips so that they are on top, folded like an accordion.  Take the two small rectangles and glue them on top of each other in the middle forming an X.  Glue the back of the top section of each strip.  make sure the strips fold flat.  The corners may overlap a little bit.

And your Birthday Tower Card is done!  The card is about 5.25 inches but thick so use a 6 inch square envelope.

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