Make a Decorated Pyramid Shape

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make this decorated pyramid shape.  It goes nicely in a bowl with the Triskele Balls and the Paper Cubes.  Make a display piece for your table.

Like I said these pyramids look good with the balls and cubes in a bowl as a decoration.  These are slightly different because there is no drawing.  The sides are cut out.

What you will need
Paper Selection

I made these from regular cardstock but the base could be cut from patterned paper.  The triangle coverings are too thin for a pattern, but glitter paper or metallic paper would look great.   And the design fits on 8.5 X 11 paper so use what you like.  

Cutting the Pyramid
The sides are EXTREMELY thin.  Be very careful removing them from the mat. 
I wanted to try drawing on the pyramid but the flow was difficult to figure out.  Maybe soon and I will add it to this tutorial.
Assembling the Decorated Pyramid Shape

These are very easy to put together.  First re-crease all the score lines.  Then fold the pyramid together starting with the side with two tabs.  Glue the side tab to the opposite side of the pyramid.  Then tuck the other tab under and glue it to one of the bottom pieces.  Then glue the other bottom piece to the first.  It needs both bottom pieces for stability.

Then glue the four side pieces to the pyramid.

And your Decorated Pyramid Shape is done!

Below is a bowl on my table holding all three types of shapes for decoration.

2 thoughts on “Make a Decorated Pyramid Shape

    1. I don’t include dimensions because you can make them any size you want! If you downloaded the SVG it tells you how big th make the file so that it fits the mat.

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