Gnomes are Back! Make This Halloween Gnome Card

This Halloween gnome card is too cute!!!  And who doesn’t LOVE gnomes?  You can make these cute little guys any color you want.  Kids will love them!!!  They are similar to the gnome bunny card I made for Easter.  See it here

These gnomes come complete with fangs and beard decorations!  What kid wouldn’t love to get this Halloween Gnome card?  This card and these gnomes are super simple to make.  And the card fits in an A7 envelope. 

Paper Selection

I used double sided paper for the base of this Halloween Gnome card. It needs to be somewhat heavy, at least 100 lb wt., to accommodate the weight of all the embellishments.  Orange works better than black but it is up to you.

The gnomes can be made with white hair or grey hair, your choice.  I used patterned paper for the hat and shoes along with other parts.  Don’t use too many patterns though, it gets confusing.

Cutting the Halloween Gnome Card

Cut the card out and the Cricut will do the writing.  I used a black pen.  The card uses a great font I found called Danken Stripes.  It is free at Font Bundles. It fills in nicely.  If you want other fonts that fill in check out mine.

There are a lot of little bitty pieces on this card.  Make sure you keep them together.  I combined all the little shoes and hats to one mat and put different paper where I needed.  If you don’t know how to do this, check out my video

Play Video

This car is so simple to make.

First re-crease the base card.  Then assemble the embellishments.  The purlpe layer on the pumpkin should create inset shadows on the eyes and mouth.

Sort the gnome parts into three separate piles before you start assembling.  Then start with the beard and follow the pictures to assemble the gnomes.  If you want a little more dimension to the gnomes, use foam tape between the layers of the gnome.  Finally attach the embellishments to the card.  See the pictures if you have problems.

See, I told you that was easy!

Your Halloween Gnome card is done.  Enjoy!  And keep an eye out for more Halloween gnome projects.

Halloween gnome card front

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