Make a Multilayered Mandala

The project is 5 layers, filling in each layer a little more with each level.  It creates a wonderful effect and is really a lot easier than it looks.

You will need:
Paper Selection for Layered Angel Wall Art

This project can be made with any paper.  The colors to make a mutlilayered mandala are rainbow of pastel colors.  You could change it to shades of the same color if you want.  Patterns would not work well because you don’t see enough of each layer, but foils or glitter paper would work.

Cutting the Wall Art

Start with the bottom layer and cut the designs upward in hue and layer.  This is a must!

Be careful removing the mandalas from the mat because the lines can be thin, the top layer especially.


How to Make a Multilayered Mandala

As you cut the layers, build up from the bottom.  Glue each layer to the one below it before you cut the next layer.  This way you don’t lose the little pieces.  

You can glue the layers together with foam tape or liquid glue.  Foam tape adds more dimension to the project but you end up using a lot of it.  

Once the layers are all together, you can use a piece of cardstock that goes with your color scheme for a base.  You can frame the piece with a frame or use it as an embellishment on anything depending on the size. If you used foam tape and want to frame it, you should put foam tape between the mat and the glass along the edges to make the frame stick up far enough to give the project room.


And now you know how to make a multilayered mandala.  Again email me and let me know if you would like to see a tutorial on how to make your own in Inkscape.

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