Make a Paper Daffodil 2020

Paper Flowers are the most popular paper projects on the web. As part of Flower Week I will teach you how to make this paper daffodil bouquet.  I made paper daffodils last year but these are a different pattern.  You can see all the paper flower tutorials from this year’s and last year’s Flower Week here.

These paper flowers have 4 different types of parts in the download file.  The stem is easy to do with floral wire and floral tape.  You can get both at Walmart

What you will need:
          • cardstock scraps , felt or crepe paper
          • floral wire and tape
          • needle nose pliers (with wire cutter)
          • liquid glue or glue gun
          • Download File
Paper Selection

Paper daffodil flowers look best in yellow or white and dark leaves.  For these I used crepe paper for all the parts.  It does cut well from felt and fabric too.  And of course cardstock.  The stem is made from floral wire and floral tape.  Floral tape is wonderful because it doesn’t stick to anything but itself.

Cutting the Paper Daffodil

If you want to cut the flower out of felt or fabric and you have a maker use the rotary wheel. 

If you don’t have a maker, it is a little harder.  I tried using fusible material and haven’t made it work yet but I’m still trying. What I did do to get the felt cut was first use the deep cut blade and then attach the felt to contact paper. I used Duck Brand contact paper.  Place the felt on your mat with the contact paper down and cut on the felt fused setting.  Tape the whole piece down to the mat with painters tape.  The Cricut cuts the design twice.  It cuts it well if it isn’t to intricate of a cut and this flower isn’t intricate.

To cut from crepe paper you need the rotary blade too, so the maker will work but not an expression machine.  The fine point blade cuts on the Air it but it tears very easily.  On the maker do not use a new mat.  Use an old one that has lost a little of its sticky or a light grip mat.  The rotary blade cut much much better than I thought it would.  It even managed to cot small holes on another flower.

If you want to cut a bouquet all at once just duplicate the flower however many times you want.  You can move the flower parts around to minimize waste paper and cutting time.

Play Video



Watch my video for cutting Multiple colors on one mat

Assembling the Paper Daffodil
First you want to cut the floral wire in thirds.  Each one is a flower stem for the paper daffodil.  With the pliers bend the wire about a half inch from one end at a 90 degree angle.  Glue one end of the stamen to this short piece of wire and wrap it around.  Glue the loose end down.

Next take the big yellow piece and glue it into a trumpet shape.  Slide it over the wire from the bottom and up to the stamen.  Pinch and glue the crown around the wire.  Bend the petals about a quarter inch from the point and glue them around the trumpet and flair them out.  Glue the green piece around the end so that the leaves point out.  Wrap the stem up to the green piece with floral tape.  

And your paper daffodil is done!  You can see all the paper flower tutorials from this year’s and last year’s Flower Week here.

Some Additional Ideas
An extra idea is find some thin leaves, (like the ones in the calla lily file) and insert them the same way as the calla lily leaves.  The link will take you to that tutorial.  You can also make the flowers without the wire if you just need the flowers for say a wreath or something.

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