Make A Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card With Envelope

This Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card is a fun fold card.  It closes down to a star.  I have included an envelope because it is an unusual size.  This is the third one of these cards I have made.  The others were a baby shower card and a Christmas card, but they don’t have envelopes.  Who wouldn’t love getting this card?

Saint Patrick's Day Star Card
Saint Patrick's Day Star Card

I included an envelope with this card.   It is extra big so to avoid the long mat, I divided it up.  It is a nice opportunity to make a multicolored envelope, or if you want, cut all the pieces from the same color.  If you don’t want to use mine, you can still make your own envelope by following my custom envelope tutorial.  The two SVGs let you choose whether you want the card and envelope or just the card

You will need:
        • Heavy cardstock for the base and some scraps of cardstock
        • Liquid Glue
        • Repositionable glue (for the envelope flap)
        • Download File
Paper selection the Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card

This card is made in shades of green with some gold foiled paper.  Just seemed appropriate.  The base card paper needs to be two sided so a solid color works best. Patterned paper adds a nice touch for the slanted rectangles and the triangles but it would have to be a subtle pattern.  Glitter paper, as you can see, works great but it is hard to stick things on top of it.  Gold foil for the embellishments adds that extra bit of bling but patterned or solid paper would work too.

Cutting the Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card
The letters are cut out and I used the font Old English Text MT because I wanted something fancy but not too thin, which you can get it at Dafont Free.  It is thin in places so be careful removing it from the mat.  But it adds just the right touch.

If you use the SVG file, make sure you follow the directions in the instruction document, or your project will be the wrong size and the score lines won’t work.

Your Cricut uses a lot of paper for this card unless you move things around the mat.  If you don’t know how to do that watch my video below.  Or you can access it through my YouTube Channel and see my other Design Space videos.  Subscribe and they will notify you when I add new videos.

Play Video about Video Cover graphic of cutting muliple colors on one mat
Assembling the Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card

First you need to re-crease all the folds on the base card.  Open and close it a few times to make sure it works.  

Next glue the embellishments to the triangles and rectangle like pieces.  Be very careful to get the embellishments (especially the text LOL) right side up.  I screwed that up once and learned the hard way.

Then glue the shapes onto the base card.  Make sure you stay between the fold lines so the card works properly.

And you’re Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card is done. Enjoy!  If you are making the envelope, keep reading.

Assembling the Envelope for the Saint Patrick’s Day Star Card

First re-crease all the folds.  Then you would attach the darker green sections.  Make sure the flaps are on the inside of the envelope and that the pattern (if any) is on the outside of the envelope.  Once the glue dries, place the liner inside the envelope and line up the fold lines at the top.  Make sure to center it and then glue it down.

Next fold in the sides of the card and fold up the bottom but don’t glue them yet.  Mark lightly on the side flaps the outline of where the bottom hits.  Pencil or chalk works well and can be removed easily.  

Open up the envelope and put glue on the side flaps only where the bottom intersects these flaps.  Don’t use too much glue but be sure to use enough and cover the whole covered up side piece to the edges.  If you use too much, the envelope will stick together and not enough will make the envelope possibly fall apart in the mail.  

Finally place the gold embellishments on the envelope, being aware of where the address and stamp goes when mailing.  Make sure they are glued well so they don’t fall off.  Slide your card in and TADA it is ready to mail.  Seal the envelope with repositionable glue to allow them to open it later.

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