Make A Very Versatile Birthday Cake Easel Card

This Birthday Cake Easel Card was designed to make it very versatile.  You can change the theme by just changing the paper you use for the top layer.  I made 3 covers for this card.  If they are into dinosaurs or unicorns or butterflies or frogs or whatever, make them a custom cake just for them!  The inside of the cake is white, but if you prefer chocolate, make it brown.

This card is too big for a standard envelope so you will have to make your own.  Lucky for you I have a video tutorial to show you how!  You can even make a custom liner!

What you need:

      • Very heavy cardstock for the base
      • Scraps of cardstock
      • liquid glue (They start shipping in March thru November)
      • Foam tape (small piece)
      • Pen
      • Download File
Paper Selection For the Birthday Cake Easel Card

I designed this card to be very changeable.  Use whatever patterned paper you want for the yellow piece and the cake will be “frosted” in that design,  But be careful that the other embellishments show up.  I made this mistake on the third one, but I left it so you could see the importance of color choice.  I should have either chosen a lighter “frosting” or a contrasting color for the light purple embellishments. 

You can also change the “flavor” of the cake by changing the white base card (brown for chocolate, pink for strawberry. etc.), but be sure to change the pen and embellishment colors to show up too.

Have problems finding coordinating colors for your projects?  Check out “Coloring Your Designs” in the resource library.  It gives a simple lesson in color theory.

Cutting the Birthday Cake Easel Card

The cricut will do the writing on the base card.  I used a purple pen for the text, but if you want to jazz it up a bit use your foil pens.  The font I used was Cutenique Shadowing and it is available at Creative Fabrica.

Design Space has a glitch.  It loads SVGs at the wrong size and doesn’t recognize score lines.  If you are using the SVG file make sure you read the instruction document to see the size the design should be and follow the directions to make sure your card cuts properly.  And let Cricut know that this needs fixed.

Some of the embellishments are VERY thin.  Be careful when removing them from the mat.

A Word About Creative Fabrica. 

I love this site and have a membership.  Between Access and Creative Fabrica, I have every image I will ever need.  They have fonts, SVGs sewing patterns.  And for those of you with sublimation printers, they have a whole bunch of sublimation images and textures to print!  And every day they have free gifts and discount deals for $1.  If you have a membership, everything on their site is free!

Assembling the Birthday Cake Easel Card

First, re-crease the fold lines to make sure they work properly.  Then glue all the embellishments together.  Look at the picture to see where everything goes.  The vines go on each of the three lines of circles and BELOW the happy birthday.

Next glue the top part of the cake cover part to the matching part of the top section of the base card matching up to the row of circles.  This is your easel.  Do not glue it past the fold line or your card wont work right.  Finally, stick the little balloon on with foam tape so that it sits a little higher than the base of the card.  This is your catch for the easel.  The text is arranged to give the tail string space.

Your Birthday Cake Easel Card is done.  Enjoy!  

Fun Facts About Birthday Cakes
  • The first birthday cakes were rumored to have come from Germany, where birthday cakes were made for children to celebrate their birthdays.
  • Before birthday cake candles, the candles on cake were saved for the Goddesses of the Moon
  • One of the biggest ever birthday cakes was almost as heavy as an elephant
  • When it comes to flavour, chocolate comes up top
  •  You can now get special birthday cakes for pets, with cakes available for dogs, cats and even hamsters.

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